AR Contest: What is the Hardest Part of Building an AR?

We’ve had a bunch of conversations about ARs in the Community. You all have encouraged me to build my own AR - and I did it! Now it’s our turn to encourage you to build your very own AR!

We’re giving away a $1500 Palmetto State Armory Gift Card to help one lucky person build (or buy) an AR! Vote each day this week on the related AR topics to be entered for your chance to win (one vote per topic)!

Have you built an AR? What was the hardest part of building an AR?

  • Choosing the manufacturer
  • Choosing specific parts
  • Detent pins
  • Waiting for the pieces to be delivered/picked up from the store
  • I can’t wait to build my first!
  • Other please share below

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I have yet to actually build an AR, however, I’ve been looking into upgrading my current rifle. There are so many manufacturers/brands that are of different qualities and prices. Choosing which ones have been very difficult for me.

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Depending on whether I am having a good Addison’s day or a bad Addison’s day. On a bad day I have very little fine motor skills.

So that gets frustrating really quickly.

I have talked about guns, and fit and do they fill a niche for me, I have just about talked myself into AR Beowulf .50 conversion as an anti material rifle for within say 150’ish yards and in. I spent a very fun day playing “what if” with Palmetto State Armory.

For the first build it’s very overwhelming what brand and parts to choose from. All the internet hype with high end vs the poors, it’s very hard to determine what is quality and what is just a name brand.

Luckily there are some really good forums (this being one of them) that you can get actual quality advice and guidance.

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My first was a mp ar15 but I really want to build one maybe an AR9 … wife said I can’t buy more guns… I only started last month.

I voted choosing the manufacturer. I’m researching building an AR. Even if you don’t want to assemble the small parts, and buy a complete lower, there’s still tons of choices.

Voted: OTHER.
I’m not AR guy :upside_down_face:
I’ve got fun with handguns and it’s enough for me now :grinning:

I say choosing the manufacturer for the parts and where you want to go with a build. With the correct tools, the building is easy, like Lego blocks. Quality parts does make a difference.

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There are so many great options for an AR build it is so difficult to narrow it down. What length barrel, what caliber, what hand guard and what length, do I want m-lok or keymod, what trigger do I want, and the list goes on and on and on… its like a little kid being in the worlds largest candy store… which one do I pick !! ?? … LOL

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Despite having big fingers and having trouble with the detents and tiny springs, waiting is by far the hardest part!

Check your tracking numbers twice a day or more, grumble about hang ups, then it finally arrives!

If this contest goes in my favor, I’ll let you know how it goes. My previous AR was bought assembled. I imagine the hours spent trying to find the right parts is fun. The excitement of christmas morning waiting for delivery, and then finally the gratification of building something.


Not really, there are Three AR specific tools, the rest are common household tools (screwdriver, hammer, allen wrenches and similar.

You need an Upper Receiver vice block with the filler (they now make them that you can screw a block of wood and clamp to a table if you don’t have a vice).
A Lower Receiver Vice Block to go into the magazine well (as above if you don’t have a vice)
AR Wrench I like DPMS’s version but there are many to choose from just make sure the castle nut button is hardened steel

I’m pretty sure you can find a tool kit or buy them individually. All the above said I have totally rebuilt an M-16 in my hooch (while deployed) with a pair of channel locks, cresent wrench, screwdriver, 16 penny nail, a web belt and a multi tool.




It sounds silly but the roll pin for the gas block and gas tube drives me nuts. I can’t find away to hold it securely while trying to start it.

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For me the planning process was the hardest part. I ended up deciding to base my build on what Colt did when designing, and working out the kinks on the M4. What I ended up with is basically a semi-auto only custom M4 with a full floating barrel, and non-reciprocating side charge upper.

Hardest part? Finding time to get started! I bought a kit from PSA, where I’ll be putting together the lower; the upper is already assembled. I am looking forward to it and knowing somewhat how my rifle goes together and works afterwards.

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When I first started building AR’s…deciding on specific parts seemed daunting, especially when it came to purchasing true “mil-spec” compatibility.

Another Long Gun!? That is my question. Would I love to own an AR? Yes an M4 and many other variations but at my age do I really need one? Lets hope not. I’m running out of room.

Insuring the 80% was cut out in a pristene fashion

I voted for waiting :laughing:

But a close second is preventing any leftover parts from transforming into yet another build.

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