AR-15 Online Class?

Weekly online classes on your USCCA Dashboard are some of the newest USCCA member benefits. There are literally hundreds of hours of training at your fingertips!

If you’re newer to firearms or are looking to keep your training and skills top-notch, be sure to check out your USCCA Dashboard.

One of the newest Firearms Basics Classes is the AR-15 Essential Training Pt 1 which is an awesome resource for those who are starting an AR build or looking for more information on what AR’s are all about.

Have you seen the AR-15 Essential Training Pt 1?

Share your feedback below - be sure to include your AR experience level in your comments!


Saw it. Did it. Followed up with parts 2 & 3.

I discovered, however, that there are issues with what I’m guessing are 3rd party cookies and my browser’s privacy settings. It seems those settings have to be pretty wide open for the site to register completion in the achievements.

Have gone through the AR-15 training videos completely and glance back often just to stay refreshed on the knowledge they give.

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It’s great that you stay refreshed with the videos. Did you build your AR or did you purchase it assembled?

I’ll have to check them out