Apple security chief accused of bribing officers with iPads in exchange for concealed gun permits

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Without having read the article I believe the government does not have the authority/right to force citizens to obtain licenses to carry guns. It’s our god given second amendment right


Apple… continuing it’s legacy…

Apple is lobbying against a bill aimed at stopping forced labor in China

Your Computer Isn’t Yours

Apple blocks Right to Repair by making it impossible to replace the iPhone 12 camera module


Of course, he did nothing wrong. It was purely just grease for the wheels, a gift of gratitude, so to speak, for doing the job requested of them. :rofl:

huh? I don’t follow what you’re saying. Are you saying it’s a person’s right to carry or that it’s not right for a government to force us to carry against our will? I’m confused.

Not surprising and happens all the time. In Los Angeles, they will NOT give concealed carry permits to anyone (who doesn’t donate to the sheriff’s election).

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We do not have, nor condone, legal bribery in the USA. Our nation is founded on the ideal of egalitarianism. When situations such as you just mentioned, in a dismissive manner, occur, it is viewed very strongly negative, not acceptable and is illegal, as it is unconstitutional, in that it gives certain people rights, creating different classes of citizens.

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Nice speech. Though what should happen vs what DOES happen are two totally different things. Try being a republican in california and you’ll understand. I could report all the illegal crap that goes on and it’d fall on deaf ears. This state is a cess pool of stupidity and only a few minority see and understand (like you said) how wrong it is…but there is nothing we can do without winning elections or breaking the whole state off and letting it sink into the ocean. Too much corruption to clean by myself.