Appeals Court Approves Federal Agents Lying


They are winning. :unamused:

So what’s the difference between her, our government and Abu Ghraib?
Torture no matter how subtle, is still torture! Yes, when you lie and cheat, you always win!
Just don’t be surprised what happens when your caught cheating!
Gives new meaning to, “game over”


Yes, LEOs can lie. That’s an old story.
I don’t know the details of this case, but when LE is accused of lying, it’s sometimes linked to cases of entrapment or false confessions, especially with minors. I’d be curious to see where this case goes.


Now tell me what are you going to do when you have to get information from somebody that hate’s you to his core? Especially when you know there is limited time and lots of ppl will die. He would rather die than reveal what he knows. There are lots of nations and ppl in this world that think like that. Im not justifying it but wondering what you suggest. Tickle his feet until he pee’s his pants?

Obviously it’s his choice! Next! There’s always a weak link!

You want to see real torture… another term plus the 2 existing years!

Kill me now!

Yes there is worse, this is their insurance plan!

But wait there’s more…



From the article:interrogators might have expressed concern, indicated that they liked the detainee and used humor. A comfortable setting for the interrogation….

That isn’t addressing my original statement: somebody that hates you to his core! Excuse me, I need to go build flower boxes, plant flowers in them, put up more street lights and change the atmosphere. Did you notice the countries they included: Norway, Australia and Sweeden. No leftie countries in that bunch. :wink:

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At least we can toss a bucket of water on the witch and she’ll melt.


Bravo for Brandon, he’s getting close to his enemies.

Our oil reserves to China and 8 billion in weapons to the Taliban, you just can’t get any closer, my bad, maybe you can get closer!



Well, I only did a quick search and that was the first one I came across. I am sure if I did a better search I could provide a better response. However, I do understand your point. I am not sure that torture works all that well, other than most being tortured will say whatever it takes to stop the torture.

I will agree with you to a point. The problem with a prisoner saying anything to get to stop is that if s/he lies, they haven’t improved their position and IMO have made it worse. Telling the truth does improve their situation.

I will agree that there is a place for the type interrogation proposed in the article

And one would know that how?

I’m not claiming any special or inside information. But logically lying will only piss off the interrogator when he finds out you lied. Interesting bit of trivia I saw watching a documentary on torture in the middle ages. Most ppl would confess/tell what they knew just by showing the intended person all the implements that would be used on him. If you were an enemy of the state they would torture you anyways to make an example of you.

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However, in your first post you stated, “Especially when you know there is limited time and lots of ppl will die. He would rather die than reveal what he knows.” So by the time the interrogator finds out the lie, it would be too late, and as you stated, he would rather die anyway.

But you would still be in their jail cells and control. They don’t just let you walk out without first verifying if what you said is true.

Again, using your first post, it would be too late and no longer matter.

Again you would still be in their control. Yes whatever event would have happened but now you get to pay for the consequences of lying to them.

That was not the point of your initial post.

Whatever dude, have a blessed night