Apocalypse…What are you Bringing?

Will be grabbing the 3-gun gear.


You know guys, this is the best and only acceptable answer. Wise man.


Christ & a little something, something…


I’m bringing a chair and popcorn to watch the outcome.


The entire arsenal, & stockpile of ammo.
All my primitive weapons that I & my family have been practicing w/ for the last year.
My Field Guide to Edible Plants of North America.
Hand tools, rope, fishing gear, seeds, the dogs, & whatever friends make it to my bug out spot.
A lifetime of boy scouts, camping, & getting lost in the woods behind my house? Priceless!


And seeds, don’t forget the seeds ! As Nathaniel said. StClareseeds.com. in Cecil WI. has heirloom, open pollinating seeds for sale. I keep mine vacuum sealed in the freezer. :+1:


My .308bolt. The Bergara mags hold 10 rds. My best 9mm, .40, and 10mm handguns. Camping and fishing equipment. I will gather everyone I like, will go up into the mountains and wait for the initial craziness to pass and then become gatherers.


First off, this topic has been discussed here before, but with that said, I NEVER get tired of talking about it. :slight_smile:

You’ll need a .22 like the Ruger 10/22. This’ll be used for shooting small game to eat, and can be used for self defense. You won’t need a lot of reach for either. You’re not going to be shooting a bunny at like 200-300 yards and you’re going to be evading confrontation with 2 legged varmints at 100+ yards anyway. .22lr ammo is very light weight, you can carry 100’s of rounds way easier than any centerfire rifle round. Plus if you’re carrying .22lr ammo it’s great for bartering. “I’ll give you 5 rounds for 3 dozen eggs…”

Any semi auto handgun for protection from 2 legged varmints in CQ. 9mm, 9 mmm ammo are the most popular and most common to find, so once again, light weight-ish, easy to barter or buy.

A shotgun, I’m not so sure. They are pretty heavy, ammo is heavy, big, bulky, and susceptible to moisture. It does have the advantage of stopping power, game or 2LV’s but the cons outweigh the pros.

Non Firearm, a medium to large fixed blade tactical knife strapped to your leg. This provides multiple uses of course from self defense to cutting, to using the handle as a hammer or pounding implement.

Bow, there are pros and cons of course for a compound bow. Great for game and 2LV’s at short range, maybe 30 yards. The arrows can (not all the time) be reused. Stealth, in most cases an arrow can be deployed without making noise, or at least it can’t be heard by others who could come running from a couple of hundred yards away, whereas a firearm discharge could bring the zombies from a mile away. The con’s, big and bulky, slower to deploy than a firearm, and you can’t deploy (draw and release) if you’ve sustained an arm/hand injury.


M1a Scout Squad. I call this one my “fear no evil” gun, and well, AR’s are like belly buttons. With the walnut stock, I may go down, but at least I’ll be looking good.

On the belt, 1911, as the cocobolo grips compliment the walnut…last words I want to hear are…“You.Look. Mahvelous!” :crazy_face:


At least 2 people slower than me to tag along.


I would carry something that wouldn’t slow me down, as I’d be booking in the opposite direction muy pronto! :thinking:

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