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We’ve all been there at one time or another - moving into our first home as an adult. Maybe it was an apartment, a dorm, or a house, but no matter what, we were excited to be on our own.

Now you might be in a completely different place after moving throughout your life. Knowing what you know now about life, self-defense, and all of the advances in technology,

What do you recommend for those moving into their own place for the first time?

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Always have a great Plan B and Plan C, but work your Plan A as if you don’t.

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I’ve been looking on trulia for homes/apartments which shows a crime map of the local area, as well as a street view. So I can zoom in, go down the street and look for a “falling apart neighborhood.” Majority of businesses closed, graffiti, condition of homes and roads.

But @Ken38 has it right

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Entrances and exits. Choke points. Ways to get out other than door exits in case of fire. Where is the fire extinguisher, fire alarm, CO2 monitor?


Keep your doors and windows locked. Get to know your neighbors and communicate with them on safety. That way you know who are strangers and people who do not belong in the area.


Find the issues of most concern. Crime is one;
proximity to your job;
traffic patterns, ease of getting to/from work, etc.;
major roadways (noise and traffic, and ease of travel), train tracks, airport(s) and airline flight paths;
farms (smells from fertilizer, etc., animal noise and noise of tractors early in the morning);
dumps (odors can travel quite far);
junk yards, and any other type of business that might be a cause of pollution, noise or other unsavory issues;
condition of neighborhood and neighbors’ property, and surrounding neighborhoods;
school(s) location, and if it is good;
fire hydrants, hospital, fire and police locations, close is good, next door, probably not;
Weather and weather patterns;
I also looked at severe weather patterns, I did not want to live in Tornado Alley when I moved to Virginia.
Any other negative geographic issues, such as flooding, mines, closed mines, oil wells, etc.


ANY QUESTIONS, yes it comes in brushed nickel!



Get to know your neighbors.
Park your car where it’s secure and lighted.
Dead bolts
Get renter’s insurance
Make sun tea
Secure your handgun and ammo somehow.
If you have a patio or balcony, get some patio furniture and enjoy it.
Secure your handgun and ammo somehow
Get a few potted plants
Secure your handgun and ammo somehow


9 unforgettable quotes by James Mattis

4. ‘Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet.’

According to the report, Mattis advised his Marines in Iraq to stay vigilant. In that vein, he also once said, “There is only one ‘retirement plan’ for terrorists.”


Got a couple of the cams and the door lock.

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About securing your gun and ammo there is some nice furniture that has hidden compartments, if you are into woodworking you can make some of your own, I used a 20mm ammo can that I got from a surplus store and built a wooden frame around it and incorporated a trap door for quick access. Now it hold a lamp next to my recliner and I painted it to match my other furniture in that room, these are just suggestions and ideas. One other item for those who might not have a gun yet get a old cast iron firing pan do a paint job on it your choice, then put it near the door in such away if you are not sure who my be pounding on you door you can grab it and kaboom the prep this most likely will incapacitate them .

  1. Reinforce the door jambs with security plates if possible. If not, 3" construction screws to replace all the screws.
  2. Make sure the windows aren’t easily unlocked–if so, wooden dowels to prevent access.
  3. Avoid ground floor apartments if possible. If you get a second story place, get a fire ladder.
  4. Arlo camera above your door (wireless).
  5. Parking parking parking. Don’t ever leave anything in your vehicle you’re not willing to part with. Condition yellow when walking to and fro.
  6. small securable gun safe.