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"Tampa police: Unidentified suspect randomly fired weapon into vehicle with homeless family sleeping inside
By FOX 13 news staffPublished October 5, 2022 9:22AMUpdated 3:36PMTampaFOX 13 News




Tampa police chief on search for shooting suspect who opened fire on vehicle with homeless family inside
Tampa Police Chief Mary O’Connor is asking for the public’s help to find the suspect or suspects who fired multiple shots into the vehicle belonging to a family of five, including three young children. The mother was grazed in the head by a bullet.

TAMPA, Fla. - Authorities are offering a $5,000 reward to find the gunman who opened fire into a family’s car as they slept in a Tampa parking lot early Wednesday morning. Police say the father, pregnant mother, and their three young children are homeless — and the shooting appears to be a random act of violence against them.

“Unfortunately we aren’t coming up with a lot, but we know someone out there knows who hurt this family,” said Chief Mary O’Connor. “Everything indicates that this is random and that is disturbing.”

Damage and bullet holes after someone fired shots into this rental vehicle where a family of five was sleeping.
The shooting occurred around 4:30 a.m. near 2200 North Oregon Avenue. T-shirts were strung up around the vehicle windows with a sun visor at the front, allowing them to sleep by blocking out daylight. Inside were the parents, a 3-year-old girl, a 4-year-old boy, and a 9-year-old girl.

The father woke up and saw the headlights of the suspect vehicle. Chief O’Connor said he yelled for “everyone to get down.”

A bullet grazed the mother’s head. She is 9 weeks pregnant and is expected to be OK.

Aerial view of shooting scene along Oregon Street in Tampa.
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Chief O’Connor said the family used to live in Tampa, but moved out of state. They returned to the city and had only been here for three days.

There’s a family member nearby who didn’t have room for them, the police chief explained, so they ended up sleeping in a rental car. The children are currently staying with the relative while the parents are at St. Joseph’s Hospital while the mom recovers.

As of Wednesday, police are scanning the area for any leads. They are pleading for the public to call CrimeStoppers of Tampa Bay with any information. The number is 1-800-873-8477. A $5,000 reward is being offered for tips leading to an arrest.

Chief O’Connor said a witness may have spotted a dark-colored two-door car, but it has not been identified as the suspect vehicle. It’s also unclear how many people may have fired shots at the car.

“Homelessness is a problem in the United States. This family is down on their luck and living in their car for the past few days,” the police chief said. “Our homeless liaisons and other departments work with the family this morning to come up with a voucher for Choice properties to put them up for the next week or more. So we do have a place for the family to go once they’re released from the hospital.”

Tampa police: Unidentified suspect randomly fired weapon into vehicle with homeless family sleeping inside


This is a terrible situation. I’ll definitely be keeping the family in my prayers.


Me too - prayers will be ascending for them.

Imma do the expected here and hop on a soap box though, sorry.

Perhaps if some of the anti-2A funds should be diverted to assisting the unhoused population in our country.
We were all the age of those children once. How scary for them!! And a pregnant mom grazed?

This sort of thing elucidates a problem with a few prioritities in our “leadership.” They will blame firearms, want more “common sense (BS term)” gun laws, to ban t-shirts because they were in the area “disguising” the family or something else equally stupid. Instead of expending all the energies on placing blame, which will happen, “they” really should explore our country’s economical situation and why someone in need of mental treatment, willing or otherwise, runs around poppin off rounds recklessly endangering us, the citizenry. It would seem to me that there is this one more person who has at least one serious mental issue in need of being addressed. Well it did. Now the clown needs to have a jail built around him for doing something so cold and reckless. Wow. People are crazy!


This is truly sad. Many prayers for the family coming from me!


The best solutions come from main street America, unfortunately we keep electing people who have no common sense, let alone solutions!


Another reason not to live in Florida

An urban environment.

Unfortunately people are getting “fed up” with many issues like the homeless inhabiting their streets. It may not be that they had something “against” a homeless family, but the homeless in general. Too many homeless have mental and or drug issues, which leads to crime. Our current “leaders” care more about green energy, electric cars, illegal immigration and the Ukraine than homeless Americans. This is no way an endorsement of the piece of trash that shot into their vehicle. Very sad.

That was just plain rude. Glad you don’t live in Florida.

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Well, I had an entirely different reaction besides contempt for the shooter. Only one comment for that person — What a coward.

The issue I want to address is 3 kids under the age of 10, another on the way and the family is homeless. Perhaps a go fund me campaign to raise money for a vasectomy for dad is in order. I think he ought to keep his zipper shut until he can support the family he has. Okay, let’s hear all the outraged comments. I firmly believe in having all the kids you want as long as you can support them. The instant you go on the dole, you have a debt to your family and society to limit your procreation for a while until you can afford more kinder.

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Do not assume the perp is someone with a grudge against homeless. It could be the usual suspect, youths looking for a defenseless target.


This family is down on their luck and living in their car for the past few days," the police chief said.

You assume the father and mother have been out of work for 10 years? The story states they just moved back to Florida a couple of days ago and had nowhere to live - likely due to not having enough money and no friends or family to help them out.

Chief O’Connor said the family used to live in Tampa, but moved out of state. They returned to the city and had only been here for three days.

There’s a family member nearby who didn’t have room for them, the police chief explained, so they ended up sleeping in a rental car.

Presumeably you are not one of the Christian members here. I am not, but I also would not be so harsh a judge without knowing any facts surrounding their circumstances. I believe the issue of most concern in this story was some idiot shooting into a carful of people, not the socio-economic status of the victims.


Because you asked to hear “the outraged comments”:

Without adequate information you render moral judgement on people you don’t know. In the midst of their suffering you display zero compassion. Instead, your proposed “solution” only labels them the problem.

You are an outrageous jerk. :confounded: :angry:

Tampa Police arrested 21 year old male for the shooting of the parked car with family in it.
Found evidence tying him to shooting.
Witness ID the car leaving the shooting and police searched car and home with warrant.
Thanks to the alert witness and great work by police.


The shooting was a symptom of the times. Life apparently does not mean much to some people. What bothers me more is family did not have room for them. For family you make room. You don’t shut them out to sleep in a car in some parking lot.


Family or not, druggies aren’t staying at my place.
The article says the children are with the family after the incident and the parents are at the hospital.

Who knows what details aren’t given.


Why give details if the story doesn’t fit the narrative?

The narrative in a nutshell:

  1. All homeless are wonderful people befallen by hard times caused by capitalism;
  2. Homelessness is the previous administration’s fault;
  3. Guns are bad.

For all we know the shooting may have been the result of a drug deal gone bad. My point, could have been a random act of violence, could have been something else. The news is not immune to bias.

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I’d like to state here that regardless of opinions as to the variables that put this family in that car, or solutions to prevent such, the aholes who did that were all categorically guilty of the crime.
We here all know it’s illegal to fire from a vehicle…those dudes were rolling and shooting into a car just because it was there, giving no thought for the innocents inside. and just because they were not lounging in their new mansion beachside does NOT mean they were in any way justifiable targets for this unwarranted, unprovoked, armed assault on a city street.
Where all my kin are from you’d likely swing from a tree just for that for only the mother’s injury not to mention the other offenses involved esp the risk to an unborn child.
The people were indeed in process of moving. So they didn’t have the extra bucks for the family to be in a hotel those days, big deal. Have we all always had money when we needed it? Always? Come on, this was American-Family X merely surviving and living their lives, then some idiots tried to take those away too.
Might be a good idea for those who wish to comment negatively about the victims to put yourself in any of their shoes and consider your words. Tell ya wat, if someone opened up and hurt my wife like that…enuf said.
Lastly, as for the political issues mentioned, there is a politics board I think…this thread was regarding a potentially deadly, irresponsible criminal act, not go fund me, the dole, or homeless people. It is about a crime perpetrated on the streets of our country against an innocent family, citizens, who did not one dang thing to deserve it. Had that happened overseas we’d be in congress talking about declaring war for Chrissake but bc it happened here it is not as criminal an act?

Apologies if my words seem harsh to anyone but we are defenders and should be so in WORD as well as deed with our defensive arms. Would WE not try to protect that family had we been able? I woulda. I’ve not personally met the first person here but I assure you if you were on the street and needed covered with me there, I’d have your six.

Now I expect to see some improved attitudes next time I read the threads here :stuck_out_tongue:

Ya all take care,

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