anyone have any ideas what this might be

have had a gum/tooth/sinus infection for some time with spitting up pink saliva in the morning and a swollen glade just behind jaw now and have taken clindamycin and finally a z-pac I finished last night around 5pm. got up this morning and spit was a rather bright red looked at tongue in mirror and ugh… did not think to take pictures till after the 3 morning rinses tried tooth brush on it and so far don’t want to come off… finished zpac last night around 5 pm… no idea what this is can you suggest what it might be???

taste nasty too…

Recommend seeing a health care provider.


Best guess would be “thrush” or candadiasis (sp) which is normally whiteish in color but you said you took a toothbrush to it. It’s a yeast infection caused sometimes by antibiotic use that kills off the good bacteria in the mouth/body and allows the yeast to proliferate. Various at home remedies exist from salt water, hydrogen peroxide, apple cider vinegar gargles. Since you are being treated for an infection ask the MD at your next visit.




I am with Craig on this. I use Hydrogen Peroxide a lot as a mouth rinse, if it burns full strength then cut it by half. :slightly_smiling_face:


Some things you can take to replenish your gut bacteria.

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found this about what I see…

What Causes a Black Tongue?

Black tongue is more common in older people but can happen at any age. The condition might be more common in men than women, however, the condition is more strongly linked to the smoking status and oral hygiene habits of an individual.1

Black tongue is often related to poor dental hygiene, but there are also other risk factors including:

  • Drinking a lot of coffee or tea
  • Tobacco use
  • Excessive alcohol consumption
  • Certain medications
  • Some mouthwashes
  • Dehydration
  • Intravenous drug use
  • Cancer2
  • Trigeminal neuralgia
  • Compromised immune system2
  • Radiation therapy
  • Dry mouth3

Common Tongue Infections

Certain medications are associated with black tongue including:

waiting for VA to respond sent picture to em… sometimes they do not seem to be in much of a rush… and granted sent it in on the weekend so…


Black Licorice :grin:


I experienced kim chi on the Hawaiian islands, never again!


@OldDude49 Maybe head to an urgent care center to get it checked out if you can’t wait for an appointment with your doctor. The sooner the better.

Sounds like SOP for government, hurry up and wait!
Your list didn’t include thyroid issues!
A doctor is the way to go!
Might want to consider giving your tongue a rest, as we age, healing tends to take a lot longer!
Might want to stay away from the chemicals for a while and baby it, cold drinks, soft foods and saltwater rinses.

I’m no doctor, but don’t do this for a while!


I didn’t :laughing:

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The Vietnamese people would chew Beatle berries and it would turn their mouth black and spit blackjuice out,it was grose to say the least

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Go see the Doc, now!


Should see a ear, nose, throat clinician. Get them to culture it or try an infectious disease clinician. Could be a symptom of something else that you need to catch early on.

went to VA and they gave me anti fungal stuff to take…

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been seeing such over all this time… and 2 dentist and my VA Dr.

so far nothing seems to be working very well… may have to have a tooth pulled!

and then be concerned that the infection will just move to the next tooth :scream:

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I’m sorry brother. Be blessed.

after talkin with dentist office and explaining AGAIN that in the mornings when I arise I often spit pinkish saliva AND sometimes when I use a blue colored mouth rinse and rinse for a minute or so it comes out purple. plus when I push against that specific tooth with my tongue I have some pain AND get a nasty taste on my tongue. scheduled for tomorrow Feb. 21 at 12:20 to see dentist. Just wearing my upper dentures SEEMS to put pressure on that tooth and nasty taste in my mouth. Can’t wear lowers at this time as there is pain on the irritated spot just back of that tooth. Also if I put my tongue in that location nasty taste. CT scans say there is NOTHING there??? but why am I spitting pink and sometimes getting blue mouth wash turning purple??? etc…

BTW have explained these symptoms to both dentist more then once…


Sorry about your situation. I’m no dentist, but from experience, pain, color and taste say abscess tooth forming just above the nerve.
You’ll know it when it’s sitting on the nerve, we’ll be able to hear you from here!
Try a new dentist dentist, with out giving up any intel on your condition, let him/her tell you if there’s a problem!


I’m going to agree with @Scott52 on that. Sounds like an abscess.

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