Any suggestions for concealing Saint Edge Pistol in a backpack

I’d like to hike while carrying my SEP in a larger tactical bag 10.3" bbl and maxim arm brace. Min length w. brace collapsed is 23". Any suggestions?

Lew Wagner


Use a folding stock adaptor. I had one on my Saint 9.5 inch .300 Blackout pistol and it worked great.

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A baseball bat bag which the players use and it’s lightweight.


Cheapest and most versatile option is to separate the upper/lower and stow it in the bag that way. It should fit in pretty much any backpack that way.

If you want to keep it assembled for easier/quicker access google around for a backpack that is 23"+ long. There aren’t too many that aren’t HUGE because usually people who want something that big are carrying a lot of stuff. The others will surely look tactical. You might find something like this one (but its only 22"), if you search long enough.

Or, like @Johnnyq60 said find a bag for something else (baseball bat, tennis raquet, guitar, etc) that is long enough to fit. It is good for concealment, but depending on where you are a guitar or tennis raquet bag may be known as high-dollar and present a theft target.

Your most expensive option is to replace the Maxim brace with a LAW folding adapter. The Maxim brace is way better looking, but the LAW will get you the shortest possible length.

I wouldnt go any shorter than the 10.3" barrel you already have, but if you “need” a shorter barrel you might consider going 300BO.