Excellent band.

This is by far one of their best titles, very emotion provoking, upon hearing the lyrics most women will tear up and may weep or cry, while most men will try to stand strong and many times hold on to their women and join in.

It was a great post, and a point well made brother. No need for apologies. I hope you and Debbie Ann have a good day today.


Joseph 488, LOVE. you SIR. !! Thank you Sir. It looks like bitme. Has the enemy. That attack Israel. In the USA. Every where. Destroying our country . Because they are palastine.!! Homas. And they are . Asking. For. A AZZ . Whipping. Woohoo :partying_face:. Sir. And they are . FN. DANGEROUS. SIR. I wonder when we are sending them. Back HOME O THEY DONT HAVE ONE. Israel . :israel: . Wants to . Destroy them. Because they attacked them and took their and our citizens. And still have them. Bitme!! Needs some chap sticks. For kissing their SIR LOVE YOU SIR. Here’s ya a Root Beer. :beer: SIR. :heart::white_heart::blue_heart::100::balance_scale::us::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Will-B. Sir . Thank you sir. Have a root beer :beer: sir. !! Debbie ann is a ALSOME . Soul. !! I don’t deserve her. She is special. Sir. She gets mad at me. But she loves me . This is hard sir . But I understand. . She sees tear in my eyes and . I just . Put it off . That she smells so PRUTTY . She makes my eyes water. I am not crying. . Seriously . I . Am so FN. Mad at cancer.!!! I wish it. Was human. KAZ I would. Have. Already. Put a mag .!!! For every single day it’s did this to HER. I pray every single member of our community family has a safe amazing day. This Day Love. Two Feathers :feather::feather::heart::white_heart::blue_heart::us::100::latin_cross:ALMEN.:beer:a Root Beer for the USCCA family SIR.:beer::us::100::bangbang:

Good to see you back, sir, and I hope you hang around. Trolls have degraded our community and it shows. Reading a little bit above, I can only offer my sincerest prayers for Debbie-Ann as well as for you and your family. Cancer is a thief and I pray she is touched by the hand that can heal all. You have a root beer on ME, kind sir! :beer:


Thank you sir. Brother wood!! Definitely. Going to . Have a war in this country!! Because people don’t understand ., FREEDOM IS NOT FREE!! And they give it away. Like water!!! Dim’s. Don’t understand?? They are giving the government their very rights. To . Bare. ARMS. And defend. Themselves!! I . Am not drinking the KOOLADE. Yes the USCCA!! Has lots of anti. Second amendment!! Running this community!! And they are flagged people. For what they believe. And . I am going to DEFEND MY DEBBIE ANN. From the evil of this world . GOD HAS TO HANDLE THE . Cancer. . I.,. WILL NEVER SURRENDER. My FREEDOM. LOVE YOU SIR. F. SCARD. I. AM . PIZZED. Not scared. . This government . Can kiss my. AZZ. SIR. Have a root beer :beer: on me sir. THEY WANTED HUNTER convicted. So they could come after our GUNS. . I LOVE GOD. And my COUNTRY. . And we. Have plenty of . People in this community . That say. NOTHING POLITICAL. WTF. Every single THING ABOUT A . FIREARM. IS POLITICAL. .:bangbang: THATS A . TROLL. Saying. THAT . RIGHT THERE. Nothing political on here. They should get . Out of the . USCCA. Because . Gun RIGHTS ARE POLITICAL. All about . The GOVERNMENT. And . They can take that CRAP. :poop: to . The song and Dance . Show. This is. ABOUT. DEFENSE . Response . TRAINED . PROTECTION. CITIZENS. Nothing POLITICAL . WHAT WTF I CAN NOT SEE MY SCREEN. I . Sure . Don’t want war. We are in it . No matter. My GOD. Take care . GOD BLESS YOU SIR. F. BITME TO. HELL. And his. Sir. Love Bobby Jean and Debbie ann. . :latin_cross::us::heart::white_heart::blue_heart::israel::100::100::100::beer:

Don102, we are going to get . Lines and. It’s blowing in like the hot summer heat!! Steady winds my brothers Scott 52 sir. We feel it . Woo just . Idall down.!! At ready.!!! Sip yer root beer. :beer: brothers. Steady love ya brothers . :feather::feather::drum::100::poop::white_heart::bangbang::bangbang::bangbang:

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good to see you posting again brother Bobbyjean :sunglasses:
keeping Debbie Ann and you in our prayers


Brother MICHAEL-LEE1. I . THANK . The GRATE. Spirit.:owl::feather::feather::dizzy::100::100::100:. Every SINGLE DAY I have. My DEBBIE ANN. :cherry_blossom::cherry_blossom::cherry_blossom:🪻. Brother. We. All . Are . Heading. For. Destruction :wilted_flower::wilted_flower::wilted_flower:. Brother my heart is . Sad. Seriously!! I just . Try to. Breathe.!! This. Is. The worst I have seen. In my lifetime. And. The old timers!! Say. Arm. Up.!! And. Stop. Shaking. And. Pray. And . Just. Do you best. To . Enjoy what . This Day . Has to. Offer.!! And tell. The ones you Love you .Love. KAZ. This. Is. Going to. Never end. Well. So. Take this. Day. Brother. Down Range… is !! Sir. When. Is . The question. Soon. Maybe . Sooner. We. Can feel it in the air. The.SOUND OF. Bull. SHITTf. From our GOVERNMENT. To. The SEA. We. Turned. Our. Back on the .HOLY LAND :bangbang:. For the first time. !! And the last. Here’s every single . Believer. That. Is. Willing to. Defend. Our. Love.ones. With. No. Regard. For. This. Life. We. Can not . Out . Monster. This monster. Our government. Obmbitme. They. Have. Taken their. Time. With. What is . Was never theirs.!! Even so. At. Ready. Love all the. Brothers. Who. Will.stand. You all are not alone . Woo. Here . AM. I. Brothers. Love ya all that . Understand. We. Have. Lost. Now its . How . Will each one of us. Be the warrior that the . GRATE SPIRIT. Called . Us to Be. This is. The beginning of sorrow. For . Everyone. . Be.of good CHEER. We .HAVE. This. Moment. That’s. Such a . A blessing. . Watch. Your six. Keep your head.on. A. Swivel. And Listen. Brothers . Not much . Makes . Since. Any. More. . We .WAITED TO LONG. And we. Own it. We could have .STOPPED. This. Seriously. We. SHOULD HAVE. But we didn’t. . Now. .SEIZE. THE.DAY. Love Two.Feathers.:feather::feather:.:us::balance_scale::israel::poop::100::bangbang:ALMEN.!!

Brother here’s ya a root beer :beer: Bobby Jean and Debbie ann. God bless AMERICA. :us: . And DOES.

Don102, SIR BROTHER. I want to clarify. I. Am. Definitely not going to . Attack. Any one. Who. Is . Not trying to . Harm. Citizens . That . Can not . Defend them selves. !!! I . Am not . Looking for . Trouble. I . Am. What trouble. Trys. To. Avoid.!! KAZ. I . Have. BEEN AS . A Very lot of the members. Here . At the USCCA. ! In more. ShiTTf​:100::us::us::us::feather::feather::bangbang:THEN. Surpasses. ALL .UNDERSTANDING. :us::100::feather::feather::bangbang: AND . I. Made it . HOME. Donnie. SIR . I know you know. When. You. Sign on the LINE!! And you just. Got . A trip. To. HELL. All. EXSPENSES.:bangbang::us::100:PAID. With. YOUR. AZZ. And . After. The smoke clears. You . Are never. The same. And never leaving . Again. F. The money. You can not spend. . Dead :skull_and_crossbones:.:us:

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