Any one have a Springfield XDM elite 9mm

Any information on Springfield XDM elite


@Pumpkin I don’t have one personally but if you just want info. :+1:

How long have the XDM Elite’s been out? IIRC, a friend of a friend asked me to go to the range with him at the beginning of the pandemic. I think he had the XD-M Elite 4.5" (although it might have been an earlier gen similar to the XDM Elite). I checked it and fired the first few shots through it, as it was his first firearm (although he had limited shooting experience).

What questions did you have?

From what I remember, it shot similar to other plastic, striker fired guns. I liked the fiber optic sight (although I don’t have one on any of my firearms), and it was accurate. I did notice that for his particular gun, I had to use a center hold instead of a combat hold. No malfunctions that I could remember. I think he shot a couple hundred rounds.