Antigun JP Morgan faces consequences


Guess I will have to stop banking with JP Morgan banks now


JP Morgan is making a choice.

(Bloomberg) – The largest U.S. bank says it’s being shut out of underwriting municipal-bond deals in Texas after the state enacted a law banning government work with banks that limit business with the firearms industry.

If they change their idiotic woke position, they have no problem.

BTW I have no investment in JPM :sunglasses: :sunglasses:


I dumped Banks a long time ago. I use a solid friendly local credit union.


Is there any service you are not getting from the credit union, that you had from a bank? Are insured by the FDICLOL?


I am not sure about that. I think between woke causes, debacle with Gen.Flynn’s credit card, and illegal foreclosures after 2008 - they understood the meaning of “reputational risk” totally wrong. Plus, their name is easy to remember.


I think they understand the risk just fine. They know that no matter how much they steal from their clients the fines the government hits them with are always a fraction of what they take and no one ever goes to jail. Government sanctioned theft. Not surprising with the revolving door of executives going back and forth between the government and big banks.


Leaving the Big Banks and going to a Credit Union has been all positive. One is it gave me access to many more no fee ATMs through the ATM COOP System nation wide.
I can use Credit Unions the same as my home Credit Union through the Shared Branch System. Less fees. None of this Woke Crap effecting customers. You have shares in your credit union as a member. Not being swayed by Woke investor groups. And your money is insured up to $250,000 through the NCUA. Same as FDIC but for Credit Unions. Friendly, not an impersonal massive for profit virtue signaling annoyance.


I don’t typically offer financial advice, but Schwab’s bank accounts provide a debit card with no fees world-wide, including foreign currency without exchange rate fees. Until COVID-19, that was a feature I did make use of. I do also use a credit union, as well as a regular bank, too.