Anti-Gun Mayor Avoids Felony Gun Charge

Bottom line: demorats have “perfected” the art of “do as I say and not as I do.” She’s not the first one to pull this. And lest we forget, demorat stranglehold states and cities have the worst crime rates in the nation…by design. It is their blueprint for going after our guns. It is the demorats screeching to defund our law enforcement, de-gun we the people, destroy our 1st. Amendment and all rights while turning loose criminals, letting them flood across our borders, then they try to slash, cut, lie, twist, cheat, and shut down any flak from those of us who still live by our Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence. There are no isolated incidences. Bejing Joe, bought and paid for by China, is pushing to go after YOUR personal bank accounts! Getting into your personal business, taking your personal money if it’s over $600.00 and keeping track of every transaction you make.
This has been in the making for decades. But first they had to first, get rid of God’s laws, churches, morality, truth, and especially our Liberty’s Teeth, firearms, etc. to start the elimination of our Constitutional Republic. P.S. beware of anyone pushing you to get a micro-chip inserted into your hand…yeah, it’s not just coming it’s already being pushed in other countries.
“American Marxism” Mark Levin. An in depth, reasoned and detailed nightmare of how we’ve gotten to this critical and dark time in our history, and how it’s just going to ramp up.
“Dictators since the dawn of time have always been sensitive to arms in the hands of the people.”


Ain’t privilege the best? I sure wish I were a member of the ruling class.


Is anyone else annoyed the the constant reference to “Unregistered Firearms”? Does anyone outside of a few police states, have registered firearms? Registered with whom?


I never noticed a double standard justice system when I was younger. I’m not saying such things didn’t happen. These days it’s hard not to see it everyday. The Judges and Prosecutors need to be held accountable so our Country can trust the Justice System. The Lady of Justice is supposed to be blind.

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Blind to see what those in government and law enforcement does.

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Well said @Denise_J - and when crime the likes of NY and Chicago is rampant, that will be their justification for the establishment of a national police force to get things under control (aka “SS”)! They have also perfected the art of “create the problem and then be the solution”. It is SO sad!!


It would be nice if the gun laws that are already in place be enforced. Instead of ramming new ones down our throats.


If you really want a painful wake up call, visit the ATF website and cry over the thousands of “gun” laws already in place. I spent about 2 hours on that site a year or so ago and printed out 50 pages of gun laws. The one that was so asinine was the myriad of ‘regulations’ on bump stocks! Used one time by a “lone” killer.
We’ve never gotten the truth on the Las Vegas shootings. One thing I believe is that there was more than one shooter. I’ve been a firearms instructor for several years, handguns and rifles. The was a taxi parked at the curb of the hotel with a recording camera that recorded the gun shots. There wasn’t just one gun, there were 3 distinct caliber sounds. Also the lack of information when any other time the “news” media goes into painful detail on everything involved in a shooting, was more stunning…I have no doubt this was not just one individual involved. Not to mention security cameras in the hotel that recorded this guy carrying multiple rifle cases into the room…again look at the deaths of citizens going back to 1900…the Jews were forced to ‘register’ their guns so Hitlers rabid dogs knew just where to round them up. Lest we forget; Germany was not a backward nation. It had advanced industries, schools, colleges, a high quality of life, freedom etc. And the nightmare it became happened very fast.
Look up the Genocide Chart published by Jews For The Preservation of Firearms Ownership…they also have a website. They’re low key but have been around for over 30 years. They know what preceded the Holocaust all to well…
“Tyrants from the dawn of time have been sensitive to arms in the hands of the people”…our government is being directed by tyrants who must disarm and weaken we the people to further their agenda. P.S. it’s not about reducing crime and never has been, otherwise our justice system would not have been in the process of literally being eliminated for the last few decades. Now that I’ve done my part to “cheer” y’all up, have an informative and busy day. :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:


I wasn’t going to chime in but…

The right thing to do (under red leadership, not now), would seem to be a firearm law rationalization to get rid of most of them and come up with clear laws that are easy to follow, and which follow 2A. THEN enforce them and keep them on a refresh cycle to keep them from turning into the ridiculous monster that they are today.

How many are there and how should we count them?

The father of public relations, Edward Bernays, knew how gullible people were and how easy it was to deceive them. He preceded Hitler’s reign to power. It’s interesting that Hitler praised the wrong, evil people and concepts in the U.S. like the decimation of American Indians and subjugation, cruelty and murder of blacks (which Planned Parenthood still participates in). “…eugenicists in America were well aware of their impact on Hitler and proud of their association with him.”

“One of Sanger’s colleagues, the California progressive Paul Popenoe, called for ‘lethal chambers’ so that large numbers of ‘unfit’ people could be systematically lined up and killed…The Nazis learned about these American programs, and enthusiastically adopted them.” I think Hitler might have admired Margaret Sanger (and vice versa) mostly because of her racist eugenics (she was close to the KKK), which they both had in common. Germany was the most Christian nation at the time when Hitler reigned, yet most people easily gave in to his propaganda and beliefs. Why would this happen in a country like that (question) Even Jews in Germany were proud to be German first, Jewish second. Quite a few Jews still believed that nothing bad was going to happen to them as they were loaded onto trains to be exterminated.

Unlike today, information was not easily accessible. I think this is one of the reasons that the majority of Germans failed to see Hitler’s ulterior motives. They were inundated with the positive statements and actions that Hitler said and did in the beginning, so what was not to like (question) Most tyrants begin doing good and promising things that appeal to the masses. People even loved Mao because of what he accomplished in the beginning. Hitler along with his public relations man, Joseph Goebbels, did a very good job of deceiving the masses. We have information easily accessible to almost anybody, even some information that would have been difficult to obtain just a few years ago. Yet it seems like the majority of people can easily be deceived by today’s tyrants trying to run our country. Several Europeans who lived through 1930s Germany (or studied it carefully) have said that there is a parallel between what happened then (especially the brown shirts) and what’s happening now in the U.S. A non~Jewish woman even describes some of the details in a YouTube video when she compares pre~Nazi Germany and the U.S. (as it was a few years ago, which is when I saw the video). I think she survived the Holocaust after being released from a concentration camp but she most definitely saw what was happening around her at that time. She describes watching handicapped children being rounded up and taken in vehicles to be exterminated. The parents were promised that their children were being transferred to special schools and that nothing bad was going to happen to them. I am always aware that this could occur here, but to several other types of groups deemed unworthy to live. Probably the most significant and emotional part of that video is when that woman stresses several times to never give up our guns, and to buy more of them. She gave an impassioned speech about how special and unique our second amendment is. That reinforced for me the importance and sanctity of our second amendment.

Indeed…and actually Margaret Sanger from what I understand, apparently met Hitler and admired his own brand of genocide. I was very involved in the pro-life movement more so a few years ago and read her history. She apparently “consorted” with the likes of Hitler and others who believed “undesirables” were better off dead. Her first slaughterhouse was place in poor Slavic community…she considered them as “noxious weeds to be eradicated.”
When we look at whacko’s like AOC who opined in the past that 'Trump supporters needed to be placed in “re-education camps” and then look at people on the left threatening those who dare believe in our Constitution, and who was the idiot who ran for pres. on the demorat side who threatened “to round up all gun owners”…Betos? Indeed everything we’re seeing from history leads to some kind of mass slaughter. I can’t help but look back at Wm. Jefferson Clinton, under who’s direction almost 86 men, women and children were mentally tortured for 51 days, and then burned to death at Waco Texas; of course the “media” daily led folks to believe they had it coming. The FBI, our military, ATF and law enforcement (except the Texas Rangers who were told to “stand down”) were all in on this despicable slaughter of American citizens. And what did Clinton ultimately get impeached for? Messing around with an intern in the Oval Office! Carol Moore wrote a large book on this nightmare, spending months in Waco talking to judges, law enforcement, neighbors etc. telling a very different story from the lamestream “media”, “The Davidian Massacre”.
When Cuba fell, China in the late 50’s, Venezuela in the recent past…all were pacified and led to slaughter like blind sheep…sadly in our nation there are a lot of sheep who won’t look past the wool in their eyes. Nations have been taken down for centuries much like what we’re seeing now…indeed the methods varied but also none of these nations had the foundation we once had…

This is Kitty Werthmann, the person I referred to in my previous post. It’s been so long since I last saw this video, so I may have been wrong about some of the details I wrote about her. Her mother was a Christian and her experiences were based in Austria.

And this is the written version but I think it’s incomplete: Redirecting...

Everyone needs to see this more than once to appreciate what we still have, but which can be taken away if we become oblivious to the warnings around us.

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I’ve been asked if my sidearm was registered before. I’m in KY, so no registrations. I just tell people that yes, it is registered with every department, as required by law.


Thank you for this! I will send it on to as many gun owners and freedom lovers (but I repeat myself) as I can.

Another shining example of the two-tiered no-justice system. Government class protecting their own. Unfortunate by-product of one-party rule in cities….