Another school shooting

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I see your points, I concur. Thank you. May I add, I’m not supporting the parents per se, I think “accountability” is the right thing to do.

For those of us who might have made a mistake, not as big is theirs, small - but went unpunished, it’s how we react, behave, learn and change after said error that can make us a better person, and be even more responsible, especially when someone loved us so much, they forgive us.

Today, in this string, “I’m a pair of brown shoes, amongst tuxedos”.

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Right now, there is not enough information. I am taking my entirely predictable position of individual responsibility. If there was proof of criminal malfeasance you have to think that the Mother would be indicted or charged.


Yes. Thorough investigation by the authorities of course.

I would say the root cause is the parents. Had they have been responsible with the firearm, it would have not been accessible to the child. If one owns firearms, regardless of if you have children or not, you are responsible for those firearms 100% of the always. Us in this forum aren’t “responsibly armed citizens” most of the sometimes. Hopefully we are all well aware of the repercussions of being irresponsible with our firearms. I will leave out parenting as I am not a parent, and would only be speculating. I have parents though, and I know that when I was a child, if I even looked at a firearm without my dad there or without his permission, I rued the day. I’ll leave that there.


I am well, how are you? I appreciate your input, and agree that mistakes are life’s greatest teacher. I had this whole thing typed up, but I think I’ll save it for a time I’m not on the internet for a billion people to see. I’m really fed up with the violence, lack of accountability, and acceptance of circumstance that’s plaguing the country currently.


You seem to hold 2 separate but disparate view points. In the thread about the police being at the wrong address.

Then for the mother who may have or may not have committed a crime you seem awfully ready to burn her at the cross.

I can understand having divergent beliefs. But this could (notice the qualifiers, I am not advocating for her one way or the other) very well be someone who rigorously kept her handgun safely stored and made a mistake.

I only mention that because reactions before all of the evidence is known leads us (society as a whole) to react emotionally and give up very important rights and safeguards in the interest of security or convicting someone of something that will come back to haunt us.

I can list dozens of instances of this but I do not want you to feel attacked as that is not my intent. My intent is to let it be investigated before we start actions that can not be undone.

I’m sure the Democratic Party leadership, in their minds, had their reasons for removing duly elected representatives from their Committees when they removed Greene, and Gosar. But look at what happened when Republicans regained the majority. Omar, Swalwell, and Schiff were rousted from their Committee’s. Tit for Tat is a 0 sum game.


Two very different circumstances. To me, this is not an apples to apples comparison. A six year old getting a firearm and attempting to murder a teacher because she scolded him is not on the same spectrum as cops on alert showing up to a house they think is the location of domestic violence and being confronted with a firearm. One is clearly an attempt at cold blooded murder facilitated by the lack of responsibility as a legal guardian, and the other is in my opinion, a compilation of ■■■■ on both sides that led to a death. I don’t know all the facts to either case, but I would like you to tell me how the kid got the gun for an attempt at cold blooded murder if the parent is not directly at fault. Is he a safe cracker, real life Stewie Griffin, or a magician?


See, this is a proper usage of existing laws, no need to distort our criminal justice system.

Judges can send a message using existing law by just sentencing a defendant to consecutive sentences. In 2015 a Judge sent a very clear message he gave James Holmes 12 consecutive life sentences without a chance for parole, plus an additional 3,300 + years.

He is the Aurora Colorado Shooter.

Full disclosure I am exchanging messages with @Levi2. I agree with his position. I just don’t want our Justice System to set precedents when there are existing laws that will accomplish what we as a society may want.

This is the exact same position I have for gun control. There is no need to punish law abiding citizens when there are over 20,000 existing laws on the book for gun crimes. What is or has been lacking is the political will to use existing laws.


Add to this, a recent spike in hoaxes.
Fake 911 Calls About Active Shooters Are Hitting More Schools - WSJ

Some of these get pretty hairy. Police respond as quickly as possible, so they can enter a school to clear it long before anyone realizes it’s a prank. There was even one incident in the article where police crashed their car into the school’s locked doors to gain entry (a lesson from Uvalde, perhaps?).


Whoever’s doing this should face some serious jail time. Depending on the size of the school it should add up to several hundred or more counts of child endangerment per fake call.

I read in another article that some of the calls originated from outside the US. Foreign actors seeking to raise fear and division to further destabilize our country? Or acting to help the anti self defense crowd succeed in disarming US citizens?


Makes me wonder. In the past leaders of other countries have expressed the concern about how many guns are in the hands of American Citizens when talking about coming over here and taking over. SO if I can get your government to disarm you my job get’s much easier? One needs only to look to the Ukraine to see how effective armed civilians are.


My first thought was that it was students trying to skip class, like kids did when I was in school. But in the article I shared, some of the calls are pretty sophisticated, using sound effects to sound legitimate, and masking the phone number so they can’t be traced (which should have been made illegal a long time ago). That gives some credence to the idea that they’re being done by foreign actors or someone with more nefarious purposes.

One of the more unsettling theories in the article is that they’re done by potential killers who are watching the police response.


I suspect the calls are coming from multiple sources with differing motives. It wouldn’t surprise me if it is an all of the above kinda situation.


Regardless of the source this is one more excellent reason for having trained and equipped first responders on site before the incident or fake call happens. They can quickly coordinate with LEOs to let them know if the event is real or fake.


I thought the same thing when I read this. There were multiple accounts of local law enforcement rushing in to clear a school, believing an active shooter was present. Wouldn’t it have been nice to have a trained LEO already on site to give them sitreps in real time, so they aren’t rushing blind into a scenario, hoax or not?


Or even just trained school staff with radios that could access a special police channel.


Interesting in that, (and I’ve no military knowledge whatsoever), but yet another reason no country might ever invade the USA. If they ever get past the official military, there are so many armed Americans. And nowadays, many rifles, scopes, red dots.


Around here it would be like the Taliban in Afghanistan. We KNOW these mountains and we KNOW this desert. Fighting us, here, would be very difficult for someone that hasn’t been around here.


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