Another Pubic Information Officer in a Blue .Gov's pocket

This is a ‘Political Operative’ masquerading as a Police Officer.
(From the article)
“If this happened in a state run by a decent governor, Lt. Mike Shaw would find himself out of the Public Information Officer gig and put back on the road – if he was lucky. But given how Lt. Shaw works for the wretched Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, he’ll probably get a promotion and a raise for denigrating and disparaging the good people of Michigan to have carry licenses”.

People like these have the 'EAR OF THE SHEEPLE"! But they also have the support of the Blue Mayor’s and Governor’s who are looking to advance the ‘disarmament’ and Control over ‘WE THE PEOPLE’.
It’s disgusting. and he is a Piece of Shite!


there are lots of them out there


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