another mysterious death

you never heard about young people dyeing mysteriously before the clot shot. so I am left to assume, because he was in the military and would have gotten the shot in basic training.


“Given that only 4 out of 10 Australians have had the fourth dose, I think you can probably bet that the number getting the fifth will be less,”

4th dose?


I think it’s premature to connect those dots. The cause of death has not been determined.
Otherwise healthy people sometimes die, due to freak accidents, unknown medical causes, or sometimes for no reason that can be determined. These things have always happened, long before COVID.

We know there are problems with the vaccine because it’s been admitted, but it’s not yet fully understood. Unless you have some info on this Soldier that isn’t in the article, let’s just be sad for him and celebrate his service to our country until we know more.

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yes we did but you didn’t here about young boys going into cardiac arrest and dyeing on a field or court or random people have huge clots and dyeing. what do they have in common?


Actually, yeah, we did. I started looking this up when futbol players started falling over dead in the middle of games. That’s been a thing, it turns out, even long before COVID. I expected to see an uptick in the past couple of years, but I didn’t find one.

There might be data out there that shows a significant rise, I just haven’t found it, yet.

Have you researched it? I have. The information on these shots is appalling at best. The MSM and politicians do not cover it, but there are peer-reviewed studies showing how bad the mRNA shots are. I am so glad that my daughter, on the rare occasion, listened to us on this. These shots, even if they do not kill you, can seriously harm you. Thankfully, they have produced these shots with varying amounts of the mRNA substance in them, so not everyone got a lethal dose. Whether that was by accident or design, I do not have enough information to make a valid determination, but these shots are admittedly - by the pharma companies themselves - dangerous to health and life.


Yes. As already stated, I expected to find a sharp uptick in these mysterious deaths, but I did not. If you have that info from a reliable source, feel free to share it.

A reminder that this whole conversation stems from a death of a Soldier from a “medical emergency,” and my reluctance to make a lot of assumptions about what that could be. I can think of almost a dozen “medical emergencies” that could kill an otherwise healthy young man.

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Say “no” to the death jabs!