Another Good Gal with a gun

Unfortunately the wack job killed a baby and another person.


The alleged gunman was killed by one of his intended targets, 30-year-old Christina Siau, a woman who authorities say previously had a relationship with Madden. David Siau, 39, and his 18-month-old daughter McKenzie were killed in the attack. The child was being held by her mother, 40-year-old Christy Siau, who was also shot and critically injured.

After mortally wounding David Siau, Madden “continued to shoot at the victims" as they attempted to flee, and then he attacked Christina Siau with a knife, according to the sheriff’s office.

“During this attack Christina fought for her life and despite receiving critical injuries, fatally wounded Madden,” the sheriff’s office said.

Two other children present during the rampage were able to run away and escaped injury, according to police.

Apparently in attempting to save her young child, the child became the shield that saved her life. At least the other two children that survived will still have a mother, as the father was one of the two killed by the gunman.

Authorities say that Madden had mental health problems and specifically targeted his victims.


The age of the mother is reported as 30 and 40 in the story. I only copied the sentences.