Another Duty to Inform question

I apologize if this has already been answered. My questions are regarding calling 911 to report a non-threatening situation. Here are few examples:

  1. I notice an abandoned/broken down car blocking the freeway and I want to report it. Do I tell the 911 dispatch that I have a CCL? What if I have passed by the scene and am just calling in (as if I drive by and wanted to report it, but was still driving; hands free bluetooth).

  2. Someone needs medical assistance in a public area (let’s say chest pains or breathing difficulty, or there is a car accident that I go in to see if I can help) and I call 911 for an ambulance. Do I tell the dispatch that I have a CCL? When police arrive on the scene (quicker response time than ambulance) do I tell them when they show up? I am assuming that there is no need to inform the fire fighters or ambulance unless I am actively involved with the rescue?

  3. I am walking down the street from my house and notice one of my neighbors’ homes has the alarm going off. Do I tell the dispatch that I have a CCL? I am assuming that if I am near the scene and the police comes to me to ask questions I have an immediate duty to inform.

In answer to all of your questions:

Duty to inform generally means informing Law Enforcement. Dispatchers are not law enforcement, they can be reserve/auxiliary but at the time of the call they aren’t acting in that capacity. So unless you plan on charging in to the burglary there’s no need. Medical issue? They want details of that, informing them of your license to carry status is a needless distraction. Abandoned vehicle? You’re probably not sticking around for that right? (By the way i wouldn’t call 911 for a broke down or abandoned vehicle, call the non-emergency line.)

I don’t know the laws in every state so maybe there is one that requires such, but I honestly can’t see a need to tell dispatch unless you’ve been involved or may be involved in a situation where you have to use your firearm.


I’m asking because I’ve been in similar situations in the past (not carrying at the time).

The only times I’ve called 911 related to abandoned vehicles was when I was on the highway in or around the city, and the vehicle was inconspicous around a 60+mph curve which couldn’t be seen until you are right on it (barracades or overpass/railroad support blocking view) and the vehicle was in a lane… usually because there was no shoulder for them to pull off onto. I’ve seen this more than once. If the vehicle was on fire I would also call, even if it was on a shoulder, but the few times I’ve seen that EMT’s were already on the scene.

I’ll add, the house alarm situation where I called was with a home in a freind’s neighborhood. The dispatcher asked that I stay to speak with the responding officer. I made no attempt to go in, but thought if it was my home I’d want someone to call it in.