Another casualty of the lock down!

I will never understand what goes through a child’s mind to take this drastic measure. :sob:


Unfortunately lockdown and bullying is really hard on kids these days… i have 4 kids .3 girls and I tell you what its hard on them. Social media is horrible once something gets said it escalates and they get bombarded from all sides . Its relentless. The mental health due to covid and riots is getting really bad. But there is no focus to help these teens cope with these trying times. Its sad and tragic :pensive:


This is heartbreaking. I received the Amber alert the other night.


This is why I was death incarnate on social media, and the Internet and just plain bullying.

My daughter got bullied for part of the 4th grade. She stood up for a girl who was being bullied. I literally took my lawyer with my evidence to the school and told them if they did not stop it now and I mean as in right now. Expect subpoenas and summonses to start arriving.

The school fixed the problem. That’s all I can say.



that is heart breaking i have 2 daugthers my prayers and thoughs go out to the family

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Really heartbreaking story; such a young life ripped from existence way too soon. Been really thinking about the family and their community today. :broken_heart: :heart:

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This is a difficult issue for several reasons. Too many emotions stir within me as I read of this tragedy. It is difficult to be diplomatic when it comes to the dangers children face in real life, andin the cesspool of “social networks.” Frankly, I am angry that this could happen to anyone, especially a child. I, and my family were bullied, stalked, and doxxedon social network. The criminals know where I live… I am very capable of defending myself and my loved ones, but children do not have the coping mechanisms that we do. Enough is enough. My eldest daughter was bullied when she was little. I taught her how to defend herself. She was never bullied again. Lockdown? Let’s call it for what it really is; a political psy-op designed to cause as much damage as possible. Sociopaths are running the asylum, and children and elders are being targeted… and truth is being censored. We must teach our children in spirit, mind, and body, the art of self defense. Social networks are toxic; mainstream media is psychological manipulation, and government needs to remember: Our Freedoms come from The Creator, not politicians or fancy pieces of paper. My heart is broken for this previous child, but my spirit burns with anger at the wrongness of it all. I’m a mom… please forgive my rant.


No need to ask forgiveness. It’s not a rant and the truth deserves to be heard.

Consider this. When my kids were pre-teen and early teen my wife and I tried to get them off of Facebook and we contacted Facebook directly. Would you believe that we, as parents of minors, could not cancel their accounts as (according to Zuckerberg) it would violate their rights.!!!

At the time I considered legal action, but it was easier to just block the URL and proxies. Now I think that was a mistake.


Thank you! As a side note, your regret for blocking Facebook’s URL is understandable. My husband and I deleted our FB accounts, but it took about three months to do so. Zuckerberg is a dangerous individual. Once our information is in that cesspool, it’s there forever. Moreover, fake accounts are being created all the time, as millions of accounts were hacked under Zuckerberg’s watch, and possibly with his knowledge, and consent. Twitter is the same; Zuckerberg owns Instagram, and now WhatsApp; LinkedIn is just as bad, having been founded by a Mr.Hoffman, whose associations are, at best, questionable. They are all tools for nefarious deeds. I was “doxxed” (my personal information published in social network). I am always very aware of my surroundings, and of people “driving slowly by,” and ready to defend myself and my loved ones.
If you need information on FB account deletion, I will gladly get that to you. Thank you again.