Another brick

in the wall? there is a area where you can reply to the author in the 2nd link


Doesn’t seem to be helpful for people… :neutral_face:

A 2021-09-01 12-25-52

I’m wondering how many people use this site as valuable source of information and advices… definitely I’m not one of them.

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Report suspicious activity… How do I report someone bringing in tens of thousands of unvetted people from a region with endemic terrorism?


You have just reported it.
Are you saying you don’t feel safe in America anymore?
Thanks, we’ll take it under advisement, and as soon as they tell us “they’ll take it from here” that’s when we know we can safely go to bed.
That bridge is still for sale?


No, but would you like some Blackhawk helicopters?


WikiHow needs to add one step:

  1. Arm as many responsible, law-abiding citizens as possible so they can drop the perp before he squeezes off the first round.

Sounds reasonable to me.

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