And so it begins


Unfortunately for most people of those states they’ve been living in slave states for so long this probably doesn’t even register as a problem for them.


CA here we had a train load of tanks being moved and the report from the LA mayor was “oh it’s nothing related to what’s going on, it’s simply a routine military movement of equipment.”

I’ll be 50 this August, I’ve lived in this region all of my life, we’ve never had that large of armor being moved.

If martial law comes again to the LA area it’ll be more regulated and invasive than in ‘92 during the Rodney King verdict riots.

I believe newsom, is shaking in his mirror loaded penny loafers as he wants so badly to declare martial law. He’s laying low and low key signing off on emergency orders. Friday he released/commuted sentences on convicted murderers from prison.


Good luck and stay VERY alert and safe. Once deployed on your streets, they own them, yeah! It’s their TURF, I hate using that term but they will be in charge. Hope you are well stocked. Please keep us informed as this may spread as fast as the virus.


I saw this, and this was puzzling me. So, self quarantine to prevent spreading the virus, then send someone to everyone’s house? I guess they have protective gear, but seems kinda weird to me. And that is just from the possible spreading of the virus, not the gestapo like tactics.

Florida, Texas, and I think Oklahoma are quarantining anyone from Louisiana that comes to their states.


We’re 30 miles north of LA so we’re not ground zero.

Yet we’re close enough to be keeping eyes and ears alert for everything.

We’re good to go, with supplies and such.

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