And proud of it

Mom told me that there was a change in our gun laws. Did a search and instead of finding the change, I found this from EverytownUSA:

Kentucky’s gun laws are among the worst in the country

Now if only all of America was this horrible about their gun laws.


Worst for who? Some idiot from the left?


Lot of reading to do here,…. Maybe that change is in there somewhere?

But yeah, my #1 spambot result was that everytown crap too.

Honestly, their review of Ky gun laws made it pretty clear that until due process is served in that state, there will be no infringement on constitutional rights!

I like it!


Kentucky gun laws?

California: Hold my double soy mocha half caff


It’s not the laws we have to worry/be concerned about it’s the criminals.


Agree that the criminals should be the prime concern. Unfortunately in some states, the anti self defense laws are very concerning since they can make it harder or often impossible to have the tools we need to protect ourselves and our families available when we need them.


Is it NY that the homeowner must flee from the intruder?


Wouldn’t surprise me but I am not sure which States have duty to retreat laws at the moment.

Don’t let CA politicians know this but even their crazy anti self defense State has a Castle Doctrine law and no duty to retreat last I checked🤫


@BeanCounter :rotating_light:

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I’m not a lawyer and I didn’t stay at a Holiday Inn last night.

But, these guys are. Lawyers, that is. Not sure if they preferred Best Western.
California Penal Code § 198.5 PC - The "Castle Doctrine".


I’m sure by the time I finished reading it Newsome signed a new bill changing it and taxing it.


Agreed, and the people in those states should be trying to convince the other people in those states to support there defense rights so they will change the laws.

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I found a news story, it was only a change in age for open carry, raised I think from 18 to 21. I’m in my 60s so eeeeh. I don’t like it but it’s already law. With our democrap gubenor not sure what he will eventually do. I didn’t vote for him but plenty in the state did.


I believe so. I know thatt NY state had a “duty to retreat” law. They do have some limited “castle doctrine” laws but they’re very limited. Mostly, it’s, “if you don’t run your ass off away from the bad guys, we’ll arrest you for defending yourself.”

I would really like to see what’s going on inside the head of the person/people who craft a law intentionally giving the criminal the advantage. Seriously, folks. WTF?


There is no question that Everytown would feel that Kentucky has likely the worst firearm and self defense laws in the Country, and I am damn proud that Kentucky (or Guntucky as many call it), protects the rights of citizens rights to bear arms. With Constitutional Carry since 2019 and a very reasonable process to obtain a CDDW permit since 1996 and open carry having been protected since at least Kentucky’s First Constitution ratified in 1792.


Whether required or not, USCCA had a good video by a gentleman recently. He discussed thinking through situations before they happened. Like … if he was at a gas pump and some bozo pulls a knife and say to give him his wallet and keys, he’s already made up his mind to chuck his wallet and keys to the perp and take off! UNLESS someone he cares about is in that car, or doing so might cause another harm. Any fight you can escape safely you have won. The argument might be: But now you let a perp go free to harm another. I struggle with that one, too. Chances are, if you mess with me in such a manner, I’m in Texas: I’m standing my ground! Sometimes an prudent escape may be the best choice, though … so many scenarios to think through …


And yet the voters took a big risk by giving the governorship to a DEM. Although Republicans still control most of the secondary positions, I find it unsettling that they would vote Dem for the top spot.

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KY still has a strong democrap party leaning tendencies. I remember a time when a republican candidate didn’t stand a chance. That didn’t change until after 9-11 I think.

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The legislature is generally controlled by republicans because most of the state is “red.” The most populous cities in Kentucky have generally controlled who is elected governor.


You aren’t a cop.

Shooting or arresting criminals is not your responsibility, you do not have the training, resources, equipment, backup, and legal protection to do so

The argument that you “let them go” is silly on its face

If you don’t want to let them go, go sign up to be a law enforcement officer