And here is the winner of "The Worlds dumbest criminal" award


If I would have been behind the counter I wouldn’t have called the cops. I would be like “Thanks for the nice gun dude!”. I mean, would the guy be dumb enough to tell the police that I took his gun?
Never mind, I just answered my own question by watching the video several times. I would dial 911.

Thank God for stupid, incompetent criminals.


That’s why we practice MASTER GRIP :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I can only hope this video goes viral and is a lesson to the young men of today why they need to pull their pants all the damn way up!!! Couldn’t clear the counter, had to ninja kick the door to clear it, had to pull them up on the way out in order to get away clean. Pull up your dang pants!!!



Just saw this. :rofl:

I swear these dudes wearing their pants down below their butt stops more criminals than any weapon. Lethal or not.