An Ancient Example Of "Gun Control"

I’m sure I’ve posted this before, but it’s still relevant today. In one of Robert Graves’ two novels about the Emperor Claudius - I, CLAUDIUS, I believe - he mentions an incident involving a “client-king”. Herod The Great was such a king - the Roman Republic allowed such kings to rule their territories as long as they kept the peace, and as long as their territories could provide “buffer states” between the Republic/Empire and hostile nations or peoples. Herod in this case ruled Judea as such a state between Rome and the Parthian Empire, during the cold war they’d engaged in over the Roman province of Syria. Another of these kings at the time had an unusual hobby - he collected weapons and suits of armor that he could find from all over the known world at the time - no doubt the finest available - at a considerable expense, and he’d given over a room in his palace to display his ongoing collection of 100 or more. Everything seemed to go along fine, until paranoid Roman officials were informed about it. They sent an official delegation with an armed detachment to seize his collection, charge him with sedition, and warn him to cease and desist. Does THIS ring any bells with you in these crappy times?


P.S. - No mention was made whether on not the king was compensated for his great loss. No doubt that the king was scared spitless to find Romans at his front door.


Do you mean when an overzealous government agent decides to “Red Flag” you because you own nicer or more expensive firearms than they do?

I’ve known corrupt LEOs in the past and they will not hesitate to use their discretion to fabricate reasonable suspicion in an effort to confiscate high-end expensive weapons.

Those firearms seem to never get logged into evidence.


And look what happened to Rome… I’m seeing parallels here.
Good post, Kurt. Nice to learn a little something every now and then, and it’s appreciated.


And from history a lesson is learned but repeated.


Did they pay for it in gold, or did they pay him an Iron Price?
To paraphrase The Game of Thrones. Love this series.