An American Bombing: The Road to April 19th - HBO | An American Bombing: The...

I watched this tonight and wondered what y’all thought about it. I enjoyed the documentary to be really informative…


Watched it, was worth my time, descriptive.
What can be said is, we’re in a worse period of our history.
The whole country is about to look like the Murrah building !


I think Scott we are IN IT.
I have a distinct feeling it won’t be long before
we either get these people out or we implode.
It’s not rocket science or Tin Foil hat time.
It is really weird how they continue to spend
like we have all the money in the world and whatever we
say about it doesn’t matter.
And the Media just outright lies and backs them up.
And they continue to Attack Trump even though their corruption is showing.
It’s like it’s going to be one huge RIOT that brings us down…



At least we know exactly how the Jews felt in 1939…

Oh look, Columbia University only in black and white!

Only the colors have changed! We’re in it alright!
At what point do we stop talking and memeing?
Do we wait for the windows to start breaking, fires, the killing of political adversaries? I really think “when” it reaches that cattle car point, we’re fu@ked!

Jewish students being warned to flee!

No! We’re not going to make it to November! Don’t be surprised when the news breaks, that a former President is in jail! If you’re not ready for that, you’re not a prepper :exclamation:


Saw this and thought it appropriately fit…


That’s ridiculously Clear and Upsetting Bjorn