Amtrak policy

I had to take Amtrak to SF yesterday. When I went to the local Amtrak station to buy my ticket I saw a notice that firearms had to travel in checked luggage with 48 hours prior notice.

I won’t be doing much train travel in the future.


I think it’s a federal law, not just because your destination is Newsom’s shytehole.


It does not to me appear to be a federal law


A non-lawyer shared in 2015:

As an Amtrak station is considered federal property and thus held under the same accords as the train itself, you may not be permitted to arm yourself until you are off the premises entirely.,are%20off%20the%20premises%20entirely.


What law says that all “federal property” is off limits to carry?

What law says the train itself is off limits to carry?

This one is a bit more…oddball than most. Kind of a quasi-federal almost sounds similar to the post office but less so? hmmm is it a “federal facility” ?

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