Ammunition Weights

My question is to the community. Have you ever purchased ammunition from 2 different companies and when shipped weigh different even though it is the same brand of ammo? And same caliber, same quantities

Are you looking at the shipping weight that is shown on a website (UPS for example) while in transit?
Or are you referring to a weight shown on the supplier site at checkout?

How much variation?


Worked in shipping & receiving. Sometimes weights are adjusted up or down depending on the person doing the shipping. Somwtimes things are not the same weight. Also differences between fed ex & ups. & last depending on where it’s shipped from.

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Most likely is that the scales are off from one another.


Thanks for reply one shipped at 5.3 lbs and one at 7.1 lbs. Both shipped through ups. I have never noticed this much difference.

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Quite a difference. So just one more question. Same grains?


And where are you getting the weights from? Were both packaged the same? Brick? Case? Or loose 20 rd boxes in a larger box with filler material?


Unless they were in the same exact size shipping boxes, the billable shipping weight might be different.

“Billable weight is the weight used to calculate the rate. For domestic and international services, the billable weight will be the greater of the dimensional weight compared to the actual weight.”

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I’ll try to solve this without playing 20 Questions.

I just saw @Gary_H pop up. I was going to mention the diff between Actual and Dimensional Weight.

Some larger companies also receive a volume discount if they do over $xxx amount per year.


Yes 115g

could be the size of the package and packaging material. Thanks for all the information. 50 rnd boxes in packing box is how it was sent.