Ammunition Explained

In my never-ending search for the lowest price of 5.56 NATO ammunition I came across a box the was listed as (oriented).

Does anyone know what that means?

I also thought I’d share a site with great information on what the various types of centerfire ammo there is and how to read the box, etc. This can help with the new shooters as well as more experienced ones. I learned something from this too and thought I’d share.

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What I would appreciate is for the manufacturer to include the FPS of the load on the label. It might not seem like much, but 50 of 100 feet per second can make a big difference.


The maneuver - oriented ammunition distribution system provides this capability. … It coordinates activities of ammunition transfer points and provides technical assistance and advice on ammunition management to division units. This section includes the DAO and DAO representatives who operate at each ATP.


Learn something new every day. :+1:


I believe “oriented” just means how they are situated in the box, aligned in one direction and/or in a frame, as opposed to loose.


Good stuff, but what makes it more confusing is that some ammo companies, mainly the “larger” ones, will offer the same load but packaged in different ways and in different boxes. I understand marketing, I really do, but it adds a lot of unnecessary clutter and confusion to the ammo aisle.


Thanks I wondered that. It makes sense. I appreciate the help. :+1:

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