Ammo shortage. Any tips?

You need help.


Just picked up some ammo today at my local gun store Indian River Armory and this is what I purchased.

Box of 50 556 cal. and box of 20 556 cal. 70 rounds $93.00. Hopefully prices will start to drop soon.


I cruise through Gun broker often and can recommend it. You may have to wait to find what you want.

Recently go 500 round of Federal ,45 ACP for $315. That is a good price these days. Oh, and I recently got a dozen Kimber Tac-mags for $0.99 each.


There was a lot of ammo on SGM this morning, I picked some things out to order, gave it a few hours because I was busy, came back to it and it was all sold again.

This may seem obvious, but if you’re gonna buy, buy when you can :sweat_smile:.


I have a CPR number in my mind that I’m comfortable with and if it’s below that number I buy, if it’s above that number I pass. I scored some sweet sweet 300BO not too long ago at nearly pre-COVID prices by buying the moment I saw it… it was out of stock about 5mins later.

Seemed like prices were dropping pre-election but they are all through the roof now. I think it’s the highest it’s been since the panic started.


If anyone needs HD 300BO… SGAmmo has some excellent Hornady 110gr V-MAX in stock as low as $1.65/rnd. This is a fragmenting round, so it helps to mitigate (somewhat) concerns about overpenetration. It has a good track record in hunting as well as long as you don’t mind the fragments. This ammo will not last long.

Gel test:


SGAmmo has a small quantity of Hornady 9mm Critical Duty 135gr +P,

$34.95 per box of 25 ($1.40/rnd), Limit 4

They also have some steel cased ammo for .45ACP, 5.56, and 300BO in stock.


And… it’s gone :joy::joy:. Miss the days when HSTs stayed on the shelf.

They must have updated their site to only show what’s in stock now.


Indeed, looks like they cleared out all calibers without anything from the menus.


Awesome post. Love it. :smiley:

It is amusing to me that so many of my countrymen do not even realize “practice time is over.” Speaking of which…

My FNL is lying in CICU with less than a 50/50 shot he ever gets out. Back in Nov, he asked me to teach him to shoot and help him buy a gun. SMH

I sent him 5 short YT videos on firearm types, operation, and safety 101 and told him to watch these before my next visit in 10 days. I got there and he said he didn’t watch any of them. He’s an Army veteran, btw. So I said that was okay, but the 45 minute lesson just turned into 3-4 hours. We spent 3 hours with a semi auto hand gun (dry, of course) going over the stuff in those videos and I taught him 3 drills to practice until my next visit.

He didn’t practice ONCE over the next SEVERAL visits and a week ago announced he was giving the gun back and changing his mind because it was too expensive. He plays golf, smokes Newports, and consumes copious amounts of premium booze.


Got another buddy who has 2 huge gun safes full of firearms and ammo and he buys a new gun or accessory almost monthly. The other night, he asked me to come over and help him put a new DIT in one of his ARs. When I got there, he chose the AR pistol he built from parts. 7" PSA upper w/milspec BCG and a PDN brace on some rando lower(basically). No sights or optic. After we dropped an expensive trigger group in there, I asked him what sights he had for it. He said, “None. I’m not putting sights on it. This is a range toy for bump-fire mag dumps.” Most of his AR and AK collection is configured and used this way: no sights, no optics, just for mag dumps at a range. But here’s the thing: he hasn’t been to a range in almost a year. He does…however…watch videos of himself mag dumping his firearms at a range at least weekly.

He is also NORMAL.


TRUTH: anyone with a “solid strategy” for acquiring ammo right now is not going to post it on the WWW.

There are people who own small ammo factories that are not commercially dependent upon retail ammo sales to survive. They cannot mfg a ton of ammo per month. So they have a SELECT clientele for whom they supply ammo IF they can get components to replace their stock. They don’t need to advertise, as they are working from waiting lists of highly dependable repeat customers. This is the most reliable supply chain for ammo right now and it is a fairly closely held “secret.”

The typical American LE agency has a 5 day supply of duty ammo on hand and maybe a month of training ammo. Almost all of them have gone to minimal consumption (only doing statutory minimums). Major LEO academies have shut down enrollment for new classes of recruit as of this past Summer.

Most pro trainers didn’t curtail calendars for covid, but have now due to lack of access to ammo.

Bottom line: those who have the t-shirts, hats, coffee mugs, scars, and medals are sitting on what they have. They’ve had it for a long time. Recreational shooting (except shotguns and bows) is down 90%, comp shooting is way down, and pro training has been cut in half – broad brush strokes here. I am in a VERY unique situation and on a rather elite comp shooting team, and I have had 3 range invites (ammo and targets provided) since March. The org has maintained significant stocks of ammo (think in terms of pallet count) for many years. They own vehicles, trailers, entire armories of firearms, etc. And I’m shooting this Friday morning for the first time in about a year, because we all have to take turns in small groups now at a much slower ops tempo than pre-2020.

This weekend, my ALR chapter is raffling off 100 rds of 9mm FMJ 115 grain as a fundraiser. We have about $2000 in pre-sold raffle tickets at $10 per ticket.

If these folks don’t have a “solid strategy” for acquiring new ammo – well – good luck!

P.S. The last bad ammo shortage was nowhere near this bad. The hardest caliber to recover was 22LR. It took about 3 years. Wasn’t that long ago.


I lucked out and found some 9mm on the shelf last night at the local Cabela’s. I was there as they were unloading the truck - the ammo boxes were still cool to the touch as they hadn’t been in the building long enough to warm up from the truck.

I had almost bought online yesterday for close to $1 a round for 9mm. So glad I didn’t!


Under what conditions?

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In person is definitely cheaper, but it is a “struck by lightning” kind of deal IF you find it, not a “solid strategy” for obtaining ammo (unless it includes sleeping bags, a big of Uber Eats tab, and someone you can swap out shifts with to go home and take a shower and sleep in a real bed now and then). Good for you!

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SHTF sort of scenarios like full bore civil disorder/insurrection. But it takes a lot less logistics footprint to store ammo than it does food and water…just sayin’. By comparison, ammo is cheap and easy!

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Wow, just, wow. Lol


Joe’s in Little Canada, MN is selling ammo for many chamberings, pistol and long gun, but they will only give you 1 box and that at 4 times the pre-pandemic prices. I nearly got a box of .380 auto but I only have one .380 and do not usually carry it since I have better carry options in both 9mm and .45 acp. My two boxes of FMJ plus about 40 rounds of JHP will be enough for now. Not going to the range now anyway.

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Since the election it’s been interesting to see the rise in price of firearms and ammo. Today, brass FMJ .223 is right at $1.00 / round. This kind of unreal.


I just saw 50 9mm rounds of JHP for $80 on lucky gunner… I want it, but I don’t want it for that price.


@Scoutbob thats highway robbery brother and people are taking advantage of a bad situation. I paid 93.00 for 70 rounds. I am greatly appreciative of @Craig6 for hooking up a brother, me, with some 556 ammo.