America: Whose Country Is It?


I would like to point out that the radical left and the left are as different as criminal violence and violence. It seems like a subtle difference, but is an allegory for difference between night and day.


I fear what this coming election will bring. If Trump wins, the crying liberals will just go totally bonkers, Same if Kennedy wins. The cnn and msnbc zombies will only be satisfied if creepy demented joe wins.
I agree as the article states, that we better be ready to take our country back.

Four more years of this corrupt, woke administration WILL be the end of our constitutional republic. We need Trump back. however what happens after his four years?

We all need to vote, whether it be Trump or Kennedy, we have to get this administration out, with all it’s diversity hires, corruption, kick-backs, just plain evil.

The creepy idiot can be reinstalled if the vote is close. But if Trump gets 45% and Kennedy gets 45%, just how can the dnc justify installing the pedophile again? So if anybody doesn’t like Trump, then please vote for Kennedy. It would be the definition of insanity to vote for creepy joe just because Trump is such a meanie. We don’t have to do what the corrupt liberal media orders us to do.



My brother is a liberal, but he has common sense. He is not a crying radical leftist.
There IS a difference. He says that he is a conservative liberal.


I would rather look at it from a Rolling Stones Sympathy for the Devil outlook, then a political one.


Apologies Brother ‘K’ I am posting the same article-----Mea Culpa
As soon as she is released from the ‘Penitentiary’ I will nuke her…

In answer to the questions here though I believe if we don’t
have a drastic change real soon there will be real Problems.
We are on a slippery slope and have grease on our sneakers!

“THE GOV’T operates solely at the pleasure of the common man.”
(That should be right up there with I am from the Gov’t and I am here to help you.]

Right! and 8.978,423 Fairies danced on the head of a pin for me this morning. it was fabulous !
Ever since I started taking Opiates again the world seems ,…nicer…cal…mer…more…zzzzzzzzzz :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Robert 1246. Mick. Can take that simpathy. For the Devil. Back across the pond!!! The Devil doesn’t get no . That big word . From me. !!! I have that only for the Americans. That has been invaded by criminals. And our veterans that . Are struggling to survive. With in their minds and . To take care of what they . Have served for. This nation. And . Our citizens. :us::us::us:. And . We need to start with taking care of our own citizens. !! And I even like his song. And I have ya a root beer. :beer:. Love ya Brother . :heart::white_heart::blue_heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. Have an awesome day. Love Bobby Jean an Debbie ann. And Family. USCCA.:us::us::us::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. No root beer for mick. They didn’t have root beer in the Stone Age. But they had mick.!! :cherry_blossom::cherry_blossom::cherry_blossom:


Don102. Love ya Brother great to hear !! You are not suffering. !! Take that as directed!! Love ya brother . :heart::white_heart::blue_heart::us::feather::feather:Have a great day. ! Love Bobby Jean an Debbie ann. Sir Thank you for your service sir . Stay sharp. !! Love ya SIR. :beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer:your root beer . Just sip them . :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::cherry_blossom::cherry_blossom::cherry_blossom::100:


I don’t get no satisfaction from Mick. I just had the song on my mind and in my heart. What ever does it for you. I luv ya Bobbyjean. My concern is compassion for all people. For me it’s the only way. I am Robert1246. Here a Root beer :beer: :beer::beer::beer::beer:
I did it my way :notes::notes::notes::notes:
Hope all is well with you and Debbie Ann and pups and all…


Robert 1246. I think the stones are great . I was not trying to . Say you had any for the devil here’s ya a root beer :beer: k love Bobby Jean a Debbie ann . :cherry_blossom::cherry_blossom::cherry_blossom::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::us::100: