Amendment to H.R. 1446 - Gun Control Legislation You Want to Know About

From the article:

Congressman Doug LaMalfa announced he has submitted changes to Democrats’ gun control bill, H.R. 1446.

“My goal is to let any American legally buy any firearm that is legal in the state they may be hunting in, sport shooting in, or just visiting and exercising their right in. Once legally owned, that gun should be legal in every other state,” he explained. “I want to restore this freedom back to the American people,” LaMalfa added.

You can follow HR 1446’s official progress here.

What are your thoughts about LaMalfa’s proposed amendment?


Reading the article, and without seeing the specific text of his proposed changes, I’d say he’s on point, especially when he cites how other amendments in the Bill of Rights do not vary depending on which state you’re in (although California may come pretty close to that with 1A rights, especially with regard to fines for “mis-gendering” people in speech).


Outstanding idea, however, politics being what they are I wonder if hr has a snowball’s chance in hell of getting the ammendments accepted.

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i like it, but, i agree, not gonna happen with this administration in office!


I’m mildly encouraged but I’m still Leary of all post Bill of Rights that restrict speech, religion, right to bear arms, search and seizure, etc. I know there are many pro 2A Democrats.

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ANYTHING short of Constitutional Carry is just that, short.

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Sounds like he’s proposing the second amendment.


A Democrat propsing common sense fireaems legislation? Imma start looking around for herds of wild Unicorns!