Amazon Shuts Down Man's Entire Smart Home

Why would anyone spend $$ to buy into the system that punishes without a due process?


Amazing, I think I would hire the nastiest shark lawyer out there and see what I could get for those a-holes screwing me like that. They had no right for their actions.


One of the many reasons I don’t have “smart” devices connected to anything in my home. Though it is getting harder and harder to find products that aren’t designed to spy on you and grant access and control to strangers with nefarious agendas.


There are multiple issues, each can be turned into a lawsuit. Choose one that is most concerning to you
spy tech and fools who buy it

giant bully attacking an innocent paying customer

yet another racial hoax


T’s & C’s, Read them, it’s probably in there:
“Piss off one of our drivers and we’ll piss you off…”.
They write books of term and conditions so no one can/will read/understand them, then they bury crap in there.
The one that get’s me, is these camera’s, gotta wonder if some creep at Amazon isn’t stockpiling videos of the hot wife nextdoor doing the mailman…


The only smart devices in my home are my wife and me!
Ok, sometimes the grandkids come over!
Did I mention my security system?


Can’t have solid security without being connected to someone or something! But nothing on the order of a Bozos shutting me out!

Some folks have home theater…to some people, this is theater!


“This incident left me with a house full of unresponsive devices, a silent Alexa, and a lot of questions.”



Lol, lol

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What’s the $ value on less than a week of your smart home functions only working with one controller (Siri) and not another (Alexa)? I would expect, not much

What’s the value of you being unjustly locked out of your home by an uncaring corporate dictator?


To a lawyer and a civil court in a tort? Probably about the same?

With criminals getting paid millions because a home owner defends his home in a civil suit. Juries it seems like to take money from the perceived evil doer especially if its the government or a big corp. that’s why in suits big name companies get named in lawsuits. They have the $$ to pay. Just because by chance you win and get the big pay out doesn’t mean you will see it any time soon. Companies will appeal and delay the payment as long as possible.

“Open the door HAL”…NO BANG!!!

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