Am I covered by USCCA as an Armed Security Guard

I am a licensed armed security guard in Tennessee. As a security guard I do not have qualified immunity like a police officer. My uniform has every tool just like a real police officer including a handgun, OC Spray qnd a taser. I am not a special police officer. I have the same arrest powers as any citizen. Am i covered by USCCA if i were to have to use force against an individual while I am on duty at work? Thanks.


You are an agent of the company that employs you, and they should have some kind of policy that covers you (and by you, I mean them). You should get clarification from your company on their coverage and policy. Honestly, it should have been a part of the training. If they can’t give you an answer, you should update your résumé and start looking for a new job.


That’s a wonderful question @James1140

There is an exclusion in the Self Defense Liability Insurance Policy for “Occupational Use”

Please see the definition of the same contained below to determine if coverage would be extended during the course of your employment.
Occupational Exclusion Citation: Page 4, Section H.

While off duty, if you are acting in your individual personal capacity, not in the scope of your employment, coverage could exist, assuming the applicable terms and conditions of the policy were met.

I hope this helps, and please be sure to let us know if you have any additional questions!


You probably already done this, but ask your employer supervisor, and HR Personnel department about their own legal coverage for their employees as well.


No offense but it should have been taken care of before you took the job
You see.
PS: let us know how you did >> Good luck…