Say the Democratic Party is able to ram an assault weapon ban through that included all semi automatics.

So would you go for a

357 Magnum Rifle, and 357 Magnum wheel gun
44 Magnum Rifle, and 44 Magnum wheel gun

Then what alternative in shotgun.


I don’t own any assault weapons. All my firearms are defense weapons.


I don’t own any either. But the Democratic Party may not agree.



.357 Mag Revolver, .357 mag lever

12 gauge pump action for a shotty.

Possible substitute, a Ruger Redhawk 45/45. Shoot 45 acp with moon clips, and 45 Colt. Lever gun in 45 Colt to pair with it.

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I got hooked on watching videos about the 45-70 cartridge because apparently I hate my shoulder but my kid brain is drooling over it.


If defense is the idea, I’d say 357 lever/wheel.

If hunting is more the idea, then I’d say .44

If you worry about velociraptors… then 45-70 :wink:

Seriously, anything semi-auto or >10rnds is on the endangered list, so the most capacity and quickest action would be the order of the day. I like a pump shotty, but I think under duress you are more likely to short-stroke the pump than the lever… I am totally willing to be convinced thats not the case though.

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Joe Biden Special: Double barrel aimed high to the sky!


I will not comply. Plain and simple. So not really worried about alternatives. Come and take it.


I’m fine with a handgun for self defense. (It’s our God given right to use whatever gun we want though).

If he makes magazines over 10 rounds atf regulated, I’ll use my carry gun (or buy a 1911).
Isn’t it great when law abiding citizens are the ones who have to take a handicap :+1:. You think Biden’s guards are going to carry limited capacity guns? :thinking:

(Edit: oh you meant semi autos in general… I don’t like this scenario).


That’s what’s interesting about restricting 10rnd mags (aka “clips” by uninformed). I’m just going to move from a 9mm to a 45 ACP to compensate leaving the probability of definite lethal defense compared to giving the assailant a chance to live. It’s one of the reasons I chose 9mm. Don’t get me wrong, I will do what’s necessary to stop an armed dangerous guy. But the .45 1911 makes it definite.


Don’t forget, on the .357 mag revolvers. The bigguns come in 8 round variety. :grin:


Yup, and mine is cut for moon clips!

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One of the prefiled bills has all Semi Automatics included which eliminates every single gun that I own that didn’t get lost in a :ship: accident eligible.

Just a law abiding citizen here Mr/Ms (choose you’re alphabet agency) nothing to see here.:innocent::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil::see_no_evil:


That’s be one heck of a move. Not a surprising one unfortunately. We’re really going to have to bet on state governments not complying. Just like they do with marijuana in the places it’s “legal”. It’s still federally illegal, it’s just not enforced by the state or feds.


Lose th 9mm then 46acp for a edc for sure perhaps 10mm if I can handle it in a 1911 format. Everyone should own a shotgun best all around firearm there is. & last 30/30 lever or 10 mm pcc

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Alternately, let’s say all talk of fireams is banned, you know gendered or dangerous/terroristic speech, self defense is violence. What will the topics on this forum be.
My flower garden
My hairless cat
How I love thee Xi
Or other…


Remember, the question asked is hypothetical and if something like that does become law, it will most likely be challenged to the Supreme Court.

I vote NO on the hairless cats. :rofl:

There are a lot of other ways to defend yourself outside of a firearm – which we do talk about already including martial arts, less-lethal weapons and weapons of opportunity.

You’re more than welcome to talk about hairless cats in private messages and other forums (motorcycle gang forum perhaps?). :wink:

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What about self defense, from hairless cats? It could happen.

Here’s my thoughts. They will pursue magazine fed, semiautomatic firearms very hard. They will not initially go after revolvers, shotguns, or “repeating” rifles. Will they get to those? Maybe. In all of that, it becomes a question not of “what did they ban?” The question is “what, and who will they enforce?”

Case in point, where I live, the local authorities won’t enforce unconstitutional edicts. Just like the restaurant shut downs. The officers won’t issue citations, and the when the health department tries to do it, the states attorneys refuse to prosecute.

This is why your local elections are so important. It’s not federal authorities that will be sent to take the guns, it’s the locals. Where do your local law enforcement stand?


Chief Deputy likes lane 22 at the rifle range. I’m usually on 20.


That’s what I’m talkin about!