Almost had a helmet, FROM wife!

Said she’d buy me a $629 tactical helmet if I wore it anywhere she told me for a week. I agree, she backed out of the deal. I feel sooooooo cheated!


That’s why all offers should be written down. So there is no backing out when you accept.


I feel your pain. It’s so sad when the trust is gone. Perhaps some help from priest or other could help.

May be able to get an understanding priest. 1 of our 3 is actually RETIRED LE. That might be some help lmao

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You do realize you now have an excuse to buy a helmet.

My wife will NEVER say something like that to me. She knows me so well that she would assume that:

  • First I’d just smile and the next thing she would see is the delivery of the box when it comes to the house.

  • Second, just to make her go nuts, I would wear it EVERYWHERE we went and embarrass the crap out of her :rofl:


My wife often offers to help me buckle my helmet before I do anything.