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I have a 1911 from September of 1918 that still functions perfectly. All original save for the recoil, main and firing pin springs. I think Glock may have durability that in them, but only time will tell for sure. I am committed to Glock at this point. The Model 21 is my favorite pistol, and one is never out of reach. They are well executed engineering. I admire a fine firearm with only 34 parts. I am a Glock and Sig Sauer certified armorer and I say Glock makes the superior pistol by far.
Mike Thompson


I recently purchased a reduced tungsten guide rod spring for my G43 and I started getting low strikes on the primers because it would keep getting out of battery. When I cleared the malfunction and put the original guide rod back in place it ran fine. Does anyone know where I can get a good aftermarket guide rod spring for the g43 other than GlockStore out of San Diego.

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@Ricky_Bobby have you tried


@Karacal I just looked at the link and I definitely see what I was looking for. Thanks another I sure do appreciate it.


Here is another site to check out if you want.