All i can say is wow


that is exactly why I always have a weapon on me and in the house there is always a loaded weapon in any room i go in,and I always use the what if scenario,the one confrontation i have on demand lasers on all my pistols and are sited as where it is where the round goes,and the person is alive because of the laser,when i lit him up betwen the eyes his eyes cahnged and he turned away,but if he had taken another step i would have put him down with no remorse at all


I D K what remorse is.

When the unit i was with they trained to have no remorse at all,and basically it boils down to either them or me,so i am determined for it not to be me!

A thought of remorse can cause hesitation, and we all know what hesitation can cause . It can cause one to never have to worry about it ever again, or anything else for that matter.

remorse isn’t where you send something like a relay message except by Morse code