All Expense Paid Vacation Ideas

Before Putin decided to stick his d**k in the soup I would have said Poland. The Poles love Americans. Just mind your manners. Now I would say give me the cash and invest in gold and silver.

A friend just returned from Poland on Wednesday. Great time!

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Wishing you well in health and your upcoming trip. I’m on heart medications myself.

I can see how one could mention it to the group here for ideas, pro’s, cons. I often thought the group was interesting in representing the other 49 states we live in, outside our own. Other countries sound nice, would be quite memorable.

We’re fortunate in America to be able to CCW, and often, legally in other state where there’s reciprocity. I thought hunters and anglers often cross into other states, as well as within the one they reside in. Out of staters do pay higher such fees, but that’s ok with me when I go out of state.

I wouldn’t call my state even remotely worthy as a vacation state, I regret, but would welcome you and anyone. In fact, I’m surprised by so many from other states who do visit, and I do enjoy hearing about their lives.

I mention that because earlier today, in this online community, someone created a “post” about their state. I was complimenting their state and how their post was helpful, but I received an unexpected response, suggesting I not visit their state, because I don’t live there, and do not pay their taxes; unless I went to permanently live there.

I still have not figured out a reply. Think I’ll wait in case others had any thoughts on the matter.

Yes, of course you deserve that free vacation, especially after hearing your health scares, now more than ever, you deserve some more happy memories for sure.

Oh, I saw you’re planning Kenya. Good for you, I had heard it’s one of the only places currently in the world, where one can live off of all the wild “game” which exists, truly a nature paradise in some ways.

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This forum has changed some. In the beginning of this specific forum, we had a USCCA moderator that some liked, some didn’t. We were organizing a big meet and greet of forum goers at the USCCA Expo that was going to be in KC, MO. It got cancelled at the very last minute (like 4 days or so before the Expo due to COVID. Some of us even got together and made a shadowbox for Dawn (the USCCA Community Manager).

The forum seemed to be pretty balanced between lighthearted and serious. One thing I really enjoyed was the weekly Friday Fun Thread. A sample thread.

That Bowie was ridiculously big.

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Thank you Zavier_D. Kind of you. Roger that. Now that you mention, I noticed that too.

They’re lucky to have you. That was a noble effort to connect with the Moderators at the Expo. No doubt you all would have contributed.

If I visit again, hope to read your posts on the Friday Fun Threads. From your attached link, good example topic, lots of conservationists here. So sad about the CWD. Had the honor of small hunting this year; breathtaking, helps me to get in my health walks.

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Darn! I was going to suggest you talk to Elon Musk.

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Thanks @Joseph202, that reminded me of one of my college professors. When he was working for NASA he had a personal pilot that took him wherever he needed to go. That pilot’s name was Neil Armstrong.

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I have just spent the last couple of 7 hour jet lag days in Ololo, just outside Nairobi, Kenya. The internet is spotty, but would like to post 2 of my favorite photos so far. We have seen a plethora of animals including, but not limited to, zebras, giraffes, lions, wort hogs, impala, monkeys, ostrich, dik diks, rinos (black & white), elephants, water Buffalo, and more I am forgetting right now. This has truly been a blessing, and there are 2 more weeks left. Tomorrow is a travel day, so don’t know when I will be back online again…


Thanks for the update. Congrats on making the trip of a lifetime!

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Two more :grinning:

It’s crazy to see all of this with a city in the background


Those photos remind me of the Michael Douglas film The Ghost and the Darkness


Good to know there is still wildlife out there! Very nice photos!


Rinos and elephants at Elsa’s Kopje today:


Man, those Rhino’s have some sick camouflage abilities. They look exactly like a Hippopotamus :exploding_head::hippopotamus: right down to the watery environment.

Don’t @me I am teasing you :rofl::joy::v:

Fantastic pictures. That trip is giving you some great memories that will stay with you. I’m sort of jealous, I hope you and yours are really enjoying your trip.

Peace, brother man.


The photos you share make me want to watch again Johnny Weissmuller’s Tarzan films.

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We witnessed "the one that got away " this morning. A Zebra was cooling off on the ground. A Lioness tried to capitalize on the opportunity and attacked the rear flank - bad move. The Zebra kicked the Lioness and sent her doing summersaults (spelling?) about 6 feet in the air. There were 8 Lioness working together. We watched for a long time, but the prey, Zebras and giraffe, moved too far away for us to continue tracking. A couple of photos: