Alaska and Guns

I would just like to say that I dislike Alaska being lumped in with the likes of WA, OR, and CA. :smirk:

That said, Alaska is and has always been a “pro gun” state. We have no licensing requirement for CCW, yet the state has an easily obtained CCW permit available by taking a basic CCW class with a couple hours of classroom to cover legalese and a day on the range to demonstrate basic firearms competency.

Other than federal laws, Alaska doesn’t really have any additional firearms restrictions in place. You’re not supposed to carry inside a bank or a bar. You may carry into a liquor store or a restaurant that serves alcohol or has a bar as a secondary part of the establishment.

Beyond that, I can’t really think of any other Alaska-specific firearm restrictions.

Here are the laws for Alaska for you, @Scott1!

A lot of states have the alcohol as secondary part in their laws, some use the 51% or more of sales must be from something other than alcohol. As far as carrying in a liquor store, unless Alaska is different than Wisconsin, most people don’t consume the alcohol they buy from the liquor store in the liquor store… But Alaska my be different :smiley: