AL permit in MS

So my daughter is 18. In alabama we can get our permit at age 18.

In MS you must be 21 to get your permit.

MS honors AL permits (we have reciprocity).

I’ve tried calling MS AG office (never spoke to anyone other than the incoming call secretary), MS State Trooper Office (Pearl and Jackson areas) and they send me to the drivers license dept and they never even answer.

Who can I call to get and answer to the question of: is she legal in MS with her AL permit?

Where does that leave my daughter?

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I’m no lawyer, but even with reciprocity that leaves her in AL.
The law of the reciprocal state takes precedence over, what you would consider, the home state advantage.

The issuing agency, who ever that might be! I wouldn’t count on phoning, in person or online!

I have a similar situation, my permit allows me to carry any weapon including a firearm, however in the reciprocating state of GA, if I’m found with a concealed knife in my pocket, I’m doomed!
GA only recognizes the concealment of a firearm. My bad, I dug a little deeper and found that GA upgraded their laws. You may now carry that knife concealed with a reciprocal state license.
Back in 2009 that was not possible.

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MS does not address minimum age for permitless concealed carry by anyone who can legally possess a firearm.

To add: I am not a lawyer, I don’t interpret the law ,and this is not legal advice.

It is possible that the law makers didn’t think about this and didn’t realize they weren’t putting a minimum age and nobody honestly even knows what the law they passed means or how it works (that happens…a lot). It’s also possible that it was intentional and 18+ is the age required to legally possess a firearm? IDK.

It looks good given what I copied and pasted above but, as I’m not a lawyer I can’t be completely sure

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Would you mind sharing the GA state statute that makes a concealed knife illegal without a permit?

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There’s no statute for carrying a concealed knife “without” a permit!
You still must have a GA state license or a reciprocating state license.
Hope I didn’t mislead.

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If there is no statute for it, what makes it illegal?

Say you carried a concealed knife in GA without your reciprocating license…what law might you be charged with violating?

" - It’s LEGAL to carry any knife, open or concealed carry, with a blade less than 12 inches in length.
- It is ILLEGAL to carry, open or concealed, a knife that is larger than 12 inches without a permit.
- For knives greater than 12 inches, you need a weapons permit, after which there are no restrictions."

It looks like you only need a permit for a knife larger than 12 inches

In full disclosure I live in GA so I already knew that but I’ve been wrong before so I ask anyway

At the time, 2009, I carried a Gerber MK I boot knife, in my boot concealed. My state concealed weapon permit allowed such carry, GA did not.

A knife was considered a ‘weapon’ if the blade was over 5 inches. That meant you could carry, either open or concealed, any knife (automatic knife, fixed or folded) with a blade five inches or less in length. Any more than 5 inches of blade, and you’d require a weapon license.

Currently, there is no permit required to carry a knife, openly or concealed, if the blade is under 12".

I have to admit I"m not completely certain of what the knife carry laws were in or before 2009. I don’t remember there being anything about 5", but since that was 14 years ago my memory may be fuzzy about how it used to be lol

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…looking into it more, looking back at the old (2009 and before) laws, I want to know where that website gets the 5" thing. I’m fairly certain I remember the phrase “knife designed for the purpose of offense or defense” being what the law stated back then, no absolute or measurable length limit. I don’t suppose you know where they got the old 2009 5" reference from?

For full disclosure I worked for a police department in GA and was going through the academy as a recruit in 2009 and legality of knife carry is one thing we were expected to know, in addition to my holding of a GFL and being personally interested…and I don’t recall anything about 5" being a difference maker

Not that it really matters since that was 14 years ago and 12" is the difference maker now…but just curious

So, how did we go from AL/MS gun laws to GA knife laws…….

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Welll, GA is adjacent to AL, so…IDK lol, stuff happens

There’s a website that has state laws for every state, similar to the USCCA concealed carry map.

I carry knives o plenty, so it’s a great resource for me.


Looks good. Agrees with what was posted above for GA

  • It is illegal to carry, open or concealed, a knife that is larger than 12 inches without a permit.
  • For knives greater than 12 inches, you need a weapons permit, after which there are no restrictions.