AK47 glass

A friend bought a basic AK47. Looking for suggestions for adding a weapon sight to a basic no frills AK47. Can a rail be added to the receiver? Any help would be appreciated!


Here are some ideas. :+1:



If I was to put a scope on my AK I would go with the rail but I still like the open sights out to 300 yds. :+1:


@BRUCE26 thanks for the info. Looks like the way to go. I’ll check them out.


@BRUCE26 nailed it.

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@Kerry12 Just some other ideas I have done with mine.


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Delivers Unmatched Performance

The VG6 Epsilon AK is a hybrid combination of muzzle brake, compensator, and flash hider for the AK47 and designed similar to the Gamma line of muzzle brakes with some exceptions.

The VG6 Epsilon AK has extended flash prongs to not disturb your view when utilizing optics or sights, as well as 6 valve holes on the underside of the brake to allow faster exit of the gasses when shooting.

  • 17-4ph Heat Treated Stainless Steel with BLACKNITRIDE™ or bead blasted stainless steel finish
  • 14x1 LH Threads
  • Includes Crush Washer (not needed if using indexing pin)
  • Indexing pin slot for standard AK-47 muzzle device retention
  • 2.24 oz weight
  • For use with 7.62x39mm only

The VG6 Epsilon AK muzzle brake creates low energy recoil, allowing for complete control making it a great option if updating your AK’s muzzle device.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:72, Page:172



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Reduces Bolt & Receiver Wear; Less Felt Recoil

Polymer buffer fits on the bolt spring to reduce bolt slap, felt recoil, and overall wear and tear. Provides a cushion that prevents the bolt from making contact with the receiver to reduce wear on both components. Installs easily over rear of spring assembly; no permanent modifications to rifle required. Good for at least 5,000 firing cycles.

Big Book Catalog, Issue:72, Page:183



If you install the Recoil Buffer you will not be able to use the lock back notch on the safety, I just filed mine

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This is my AK the after market parts came from Brownells, the two parts above are out of stock right now but I highly recommend them. The Recoil Buffer will stop the finger slap on the trigger when it resets, the Muzzle Break speaks for itself and the cool factor is way out there.
I mounted the light on the left side and painted the front sight post bright orange, at night it really stands out.


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The question of a rail and optics for an AK-47… WHY?

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Not on mine. :+1:


@Kevin29 agreed the AK is more of a point shooting style rifle :disappointed: (AR guy) but figured he would be more encouraged to see his shoots on paper. He’s and older guy & he bought the “wrong tool for job” based on price & no advise from anyone other than salesman at gun store.

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Personally, I like the AK. It is an excellent firearm, and has proven itself in the field in both Vietnam, Angola, Congo, Central America, Afghanistan and other resort locations around the world… I am also a AR fan, and consider it to be an excellent platform that has proven itself in all of the same dirt and mud as the AK.

My point was, why put any optics on the AK, when it is not exactly a precision ranged firearm, and a Remington 700 would be preferable.


Does it already have a side rail? If not it’s quite a pain to install one, but worth it. The actual mount will need to be removed to field strip.