Ahlmans Shooters Roundup (Morristown, MN) 4th weekend of August


Hey everyone just putting this out there but me and my wife will be going on Saturday.
it is a great event and it is maybe even close enough that @Dawn should see if USCCA would send her :grinning:

Other groups have exhibits there besides just the gun manufacturers and accessories (Vortex, Gerber, etc) such as MN Gun Owners Caucus.


Each year, on the 4th weekend of August, Ahlman’s present the greatest shooting show you’ll ever see:

SHOOTER’S ROUNDUP. Gates open 9am - 5pm both days. Here’s a brief list of what takes place…

FACTORY GUN TESTING…Nearly all the major gun companies set up test ranges where YOU can personally test fire their guns. Many offer free shooting, some charge for ammo.

EXOTIC GUN TESTING…Ever had the urge to shoot a machine gun, or a .50 cal? How about blasting a Chevy with a Browning A-4 or knock out one of Saddam’s tanks with a 25 mm anti-tank gun? You can do all this (legally) at Shooter’s Roundup.

ZOMBIE SAFARI…After we arm you with an AR rifle & handgun, you and your guide will board a safari vehicle and head off into the unknown. Along the way, you’ll travel through a thick swamp – teeming with zombies. After handgunning a few of them and dodging vicious creatures in a dense woods, you’ll climb a steep hill and descend into the “Valley of the Un-dead” where you’ll fight off a zombie onslaught. If you complete the mission, your reward is a free ride back to civilization.

CASTLE OF DOOM, GET THE SNIPER, HOGAN’S ALLEY and other fun & exciting shooting scenarios will test your shooting skills.

WILDERNESS HUNT…Our most popular event. You’ll face 15 challenges that demand proficiency with shotgun, rifle, handgun, bow, knife (and a few others we toss in to keep you awake). Score high and win guns and other valuable prizes.

PRIZE HUNT…If you don’t care for the physical demands of the wilderness hunt, try our prize hunt. Locate all 20 sites and qualify for valuable prizes.

OLD WEST MELODRAMA…You’ll cry when Sweet Sally is gunned down. You’ll gasp when cowboys fall from the rooftops. You’ll applaud when the posse gets Black Bart. You’ll love this half hour show with it’s cast of 20. Two shows daily.

SHOOTING ENTERTAINERS…One of the highlights of Shooters Roundup is viewing the stage shows. Throughout the day, skilled exhibition shooters will dazzle you with their shooting abilities. Most performances are 20 to 30 min. sit-down shows. With 8 different stages running throughout the day, you can pick & choose only the ones you wish to view. Times are staggered so you can watch them all if you’d like.

SHOPPING FOR SHOOTING…There’s over 150 vendors at Shooters Roundup for you to check out. And…if you don’t find what you’re looking for, check out Ahlman’s Gun Store which has over 5,000 guns on display.

WHAT’S IT COST?..Here’s the good part.

GENERAL ADMISSION…(includes shows, limited free shooting, free parking…$10

CHILDREN UNDER 10 (accompanied by parent)…FREE

WILDERNESS HUNT…Includes general admission and a lot more shooting…$30

You won’t find another event this side of the Mississippi that offers this much entertainment for only ten bucks. Of course, if you test fire every single gun, enter every contest and pork out at all the food stands, you can run up the tab a bit. But…you’ll have a blast doing it.

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@BJP - this sounds like fun!! I’ll have to see if I can swing it!

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