Aging Out

In my younger days like most, aging out never hit a single radar of what is known as life. Fast forward to today (middle age) the thought is starting to surface or maybe the signs are a little brighter. It might be work related including searching for a new job. It might be the physical affects of playing sports. Or, it might be helping an elderly person at the grocery store and in your reach your firearm is slightly exposed. At that moment they thank you for carrying and feel safe because they can no longer do so.


Took a young dad shooting for his first time today. He didn’t progress beyond .22lr pistols, but got the safety aspect, loading and handling down well. We’ll work on grip and accuracy more next time, and get Dennis onto a 9/45 when he’s ready. Got a beautiful family to protect, and smart enough to escape NY. My son is 2 years out of the Corps, well trained, putting it mildly. Very happy to help a young family who understands the need for self sufficiency. Explaining rifles being easier than pistol, and it being pretty breezy today, I skipped the .22lr rifles and went straight to .308 :sunglasses:! Dennis was quite happy with the 5.56 afterwards :laughing:, but did “not too bad” with the beast.


I know the pain of the aging process “Where did that thirty one years go?” (31st Anniversary not too long ago). My youngest was bitten by the race car bug and I now know more about Subaru’s than I do my own hot rod. He also recently got bitten by the “gun bug” started with pistols and now it’s AR’s. I make recommendations and he is all starry eyed and goes about his way.
I tell him “You will remember me saying this.”
Him “Why do you keep saying that?”
Me: “You’ll see.”
Two weeks later new parts show up at the door and he shows up in the shop
Generally cussing to beat the band that ends with me smiling at him and him saying “You were right.”
Me “Hmmmmmm. I try to keep you from making the same mistakes I did. But your hard headed like your Mother” :sunglasses: :smiley:

Now I roll a little slower, think a little more before I speak and still carry a 1911. I will admit that 43X is much nicer to carry tho…