Aftermath: Mother Shoots Best

Any thing you say or photographs NEVER disappear. They are there for perpetuity and can be accessed and be can and will be used again you.


The point is that she had the Wherewithal to defend her family and not become a victim. More range time may have helped, but unless you are in or have every been it that position that’s not a fair assessment. And considering very few of use get to train in high stress environments, what she did was stopped the threat. Again good for her. She will live to fight another day.


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I commend her for taking the initiative to defend herself and her protecting her family. I will not debate why she put 5 shots in the center of mass of a man entering through a window. From the story, it sounds as though her shots were well placed and successfully stopped the threat.

As an attorney, I also caution making comments about her not going further and killing the perpetrator. What you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. Assume that nothing on the internet disappears … ever!

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The story describes the assailant actively committing a violent felony while forcefully entering her home and shows a portable air conditioner unit on the ground. I’m not sure how he actually tried to enter the home, but the implication is that he was leaning and possible diving into the house. I believe 5 hits in 5 shots on center of mass is all one can hope to achieve in that situation.

The take home message for me is that portable air conditioner units are an obvious weak point in the security of a home. They make metal cages that secure these units. A few long screws added to the metal housing would be a good idea. Avoiding first floor installations is easy to advise, but not always practical in a single story home. A set of child safety bars can also be screwed into the studs to prevent the opening from being an entry portal.