Afghanistan 2021

So, the Taliban has reconquered Afghanistan, is declaring a new Islamic Caliphate, butchering people by the truckload, and basically doing everything we said they would do the moment American troops left, even though the President and the UN told them they really shouldn’t do that.

On the other hand, what I keep hearing is that there really was no pathway to victory over the Taliban, just an endless hemorrhage of resources and blood to keep them hiding in their caves.

With the caveat that yes, it is bad that barbarians have a whole country to officially strike out from, now with captures US weapons, is it better for us to pull out like this and stop the bleeding, or would it have been better to keep it up so that we’re killing them off over there instead of over here?


We should have withdrew after bin Laden was assassinated, the writing was on the wall.
You see all the young men running around, why were they not manning the wall as we were. :us:



A whole slew of command staff, intelligence personnel, and State Department boot licks need to be retired.



Nice work, Joe…again. Maybe we’ll get lucky and he’ll send Harris and Pelosi in for talks.


Now my favorite part is his news conference where he reads from a prompter & doesn’t answer anything from the reporters just walks off. How about a little vacation? Again…


Can you spell “I N S U R R E C T I O N”


As long as history has been written, the Afghans have been at constant civil war with each other-except when they were invaded by outside forces, be they Alexander The Great, the British, Russians, and now, the US. Then, they joined together long enough to hand all of them their hats and send them home, after which they went back to killing each other. Vietnam taught us that we should never become entangled in a civil war, which Vietnam was- north vs. south. A lesson we have, obviously, NOT learned. Our troops, and those of our Allies, did a magnificent job, at a cost to themselves, their families, and our nation as a whole. In Vietnam and Afghanistan both, it was the political leadership, or lack thereof, that failed. In Vietnam, the US trained, equipped, and supported ARVN troops to fight. Vietnam fell, so the ARVN’s obviously, didn’t fight very well. In Afghanistan, again, we trained, equipped and supported the Afghani’s.While they fought under US and Allied advisors, in the end, they didn’t fight at all. Now, it seems to me, that our “leaders”- President, SecDef, Chairman-Joint Chief of Staff, are more concerned with so-called “woke” agendas than advancing our war fighting abilities. The withdrawal was helter-skelter with the devil taking the hindmost. We left behind large amounts of our cutting edge weaponry to fall into the hands of the opposing forces. How long before these weapons are conveyed into the hands of the Chinese, Russians or Iranians? And, given the crisis at our southern border, how long before the US is forced to deal with a possible influx of REAL terrorists? We are, indeed, living in scary times.


So, they’re letting people leave the country. They’re geographically desirably located near countries which will be friendly to their ways and desires. We haven’t been able to win against them with their basic and limited resources, and we’ve just armed them with vehicles, firearms, and ammo…not to mention technology. What could go wrong.

We could use a few patriots…


Obviously the fun is just getting started! Buckle up, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.
Speaking from a sailors point of view, did someone just release the kraken?


Yeah,most definitely. Watching Joshua Philips/Crossroads on YouTube (which defunded him) and he’s mentioning the ccp and Taliban meeting at the present, our porous border, and dementia Joe’s threats of mil. retaliation if any of our citizens have issues vacating Afghanistan…and I’m sitting here thinking how much better equipped the Taliban is since Joe thought since he can’t take our guns, he’ll give some away instead, just not to us. China,Iran and Russian governments are laughing at our expense I’m sure. Josh feels China will cause an issue, drawing us back in,minus some gear and bases.
On the plus side, I notice news outlets calling out dementia Joe, and not just the usual blaze/fox/oann.
Hoping this ineptitude wakes the idiots up and makes them skip voting with their “feels” next election.
Ah, gawd, now’s he on to the covid infected illegals…my feeling for the Dems can not be put on the 'net.


Afghanistan is a place you either need to get out as quick as you can, or be determined to spend the next 50-100 years. The issues in that region are so complex and intertwined it would take a few generations to “change” them.

The tribalism has deep roots, and you have to get past that in order to have a national military that will fight for their country instead of their tribe. There is still a sizeable chunk of the population that agrees with the strict religious outlook (aka Taliban).

The problem is the US did the worst of both worlds. We neither got out quickly (after Bin Laden would have been a great exit), nor did we stand with them long enough to ensure the roots of democracy, freedom, and self-sufficiency had taken hold.

There is plenty of blame for this debacle to be shared across four presidents, hundreds of congressmen, who knows how many lobbyists, not to mention policy advisors across military, intelligence, and state departments from various administrations who didn’t see this train wreck coming and work to get around it.


shared, but not shared equally imo.


As of today, the wife and I have banned all news again! It’s all too upsetting. So no fox, epoch, zerohedge or the blaze. We’ll see if the world is fixed this time next month.

There’s nothing we can do about any of it anyway, so sad.


There IS something we can do, though not immediately. Next time, vote for someone with functional brain cells.




With Joe likely to be assigned the blame for putting the whole world at risk, I bet Harris is shaking in her boots about having to be in charge of something and having to use an expression other than a condescending joker grin. Nancy is next in line once we see what happens to Joe/Harris after they parachute into the friendly Taliban territory to negotiate. This all really is unfathomable. 9 months ago everything was pretty great…including the future outlook.


I am so afraid the next generation will not understand these words. :unamused: :worried:

Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.”

― Ronald Reagan


The cancer that ate the life and limb of so many American boys has been ripped off. There is little to be upset about.
It should have looked differently from Saigon 2.0. Definitely. I am even starting to suspect people in the highest office are not as smart as the job requires them to be.
Maybe you think US has been humiliated, and you are upset. Just wait till Sep 11, when the Taliban will take to the Twitter, and we will truly know humiliation.