Adding electronics or keys to firearms

Adding these devices as a safety feature is wrong. Lost keys, battery goes dead. Your left with a rock to throw.
I feel the same about computer controlled engines. 1 glitch and you have a paper weight.
I have a 1965 ford 2000 tractor easy to run and fix. Todays tractor you need a computer tech at $200 per hour. Minimum charge is 1 hr, a shop mechanic is cheaper.


You mean you don’t have a good strong SLINGSHOT to use for those rocks?
Yes, those ideas are a dangerous joke.


Horrible idea. One of the worst ever. Electronics don’t t belong in everything, and firearms (especially defensive ones) are one of the top places they don’t belong.


Yeah, I’m not signing up for any electronics that, if they fail, prevent a firearm from firing.

Optics are one thing, redundancy of having a dot + irons improves your ‘what if it fails’ situation vs only irons, it’s literally a reliability improvement as well as speed/accuracy/etc…but keys/electronics that lock the gun out from working? There’s no in your hands while you’re defending yourself benefit, if it fails the gun just plain doesn’t work, it’s guaranteed to, if not initially later on, be able to be remote disabled by the government and/or criminal actors, and said technology isn’t even far enough along to have had a chance to be proven, let alone actually proven.

So, just no


Even if batteries lasted forever, anyone with a fingerprint reader or facial recognition on their phone’s lock screen or PC can attest to how reliable biometric software is.


How much weight would it be added to firearm?

What am I trying to say?

I don’t know but I’m not clicking on it lol