Adding a Magazine Tube Extension [Shotgun]

I’m thinking of adding a magazine tube extension to my Citadel Warthog (Turkish made semi-auto) 12 gauge shotgun. Two questions:

For those of you who have added a tune extension, is this easy enough that I could do it myself, or is this one of those things I should take to the gunsmith? I found some videos on YouTube, but we all know that everything that’s posted to the internet is always accurate, right? :wink:

Does anyone know if there’s a particular tube extension that will work well with this model? One of the videos said a tube extension for a Benelli M4 will fit. Looking for a second opinion.


I am not familiar with that gun but I put an extension on my 870 and it was easy, just be sure that when you go to taking the cap off you hold on to it and the spring. My son wanted to take the plug out of his 1100 and he never found them.


Depends on the gun, and the extension. Generally, an extension, where you are merely adding to the end of the existing tube, is going to be easy enough.


I do not know that shotgun, however would expect that a Benelli would fit as the guns from Turkey have used that pattern in the past. My advice, get a Nordic Components. You can also check on their site, or ask them if they know. With theirs, the nut is a separate piece from the tube, so easy to change if needed.

Yes, fairly easy modification to do. Not like the older Remington guns where you have to grind out the dimples… :smiley: