Adam Schiff caught red handed voting in two states, among other things

Still, he will get away scott free.
When do we start breaking laws intentionally?


Move along, Nothing to see here folks, Adam and Eve are Democrats the laws don’t apply.


In the article they describe another member of Congress who had a similar issue recently.

Republican Steven Watkins of Oklahoma.

“A fellow member of Congress was charged with criminal counts for doing the same thing, Steven Watkins, of Oklahoma.”

Alright, Alright, place your bets. What happens to little “Alan Schitt”. I’m going to go for the old tried and true since he is a Democrat… Absolutely nothing.


He lied repeatedly to the American people guaranteeing that he had absolute evidence that Trump conspired with Russia, and he never produced ANYTHING, and he drug America through the entire Russia hoax which had huge costs, and to this day he has been charged with nothing for flat out lying to America and Congress about the President of the US!


Not only that, but he’ll be rewarded as California’s next US Senator with 65% of the vote.


Not only that, but he’ll be rewarded as California’s next US Senator from Maryland with 65% of the vote.


Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

That’s a Fool’s Bet Brother!
Nothing happens to these Elites, NOTHING.

The Smarmier the better, they protect their own—Donald did this this and this well so did Joey?
Oh look over there Campus Rioting!
Same as it ever was.
WE NEED TO CLEAN HOUSE—Fumigate the Vermin—and until we do there will be day’s like this everyday.
We found Hunter did (list too long to repeat)—uh, he’s sober now, leave him alone the Repub’s are picking on him…
There is zero Honesty, Transparency and accountability in .gov today–ZERO!

To think it will change by Voting is a Pipe dream and you might as well fill it up and smoke it.—

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I found this interesting (and it happens to coincide with this topic! BONUS!
Joey is Polling in the Toilet ===Behold! Campus Rioting, Death to Israel!
Palestinian’s possibly being brought to America (Why not? Nobody in their right mind would take these Terrorists in! Student loan for Terrorists forgiven! Distraction, Distraction, Distraction!
Her comes ‘Mr’ FIXIT’ Soros. Mr. Distraction and Money man.
George Floyd that Pillar of the community happened March 25th a few years ago…
When did the College Turnips SH** stir…? …Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

I LOVE CONSPIRACY THERORIES because they are ALWAYS proven right—and I look like a GENIUS!