Active Shooter: Prevent, Prepare, Practice

It’s a self-defense situation we all dread and make keep you up at night. Not only is it something we hear about far too often, it’s something that is very hard for us to prevent - an active shooter attack.

Here’s an excerpt from Dave Young’s Three Steps to Survive an Active-Shooter Attack

Which of these tactics do you already practice? Which are you going to start practicing?

Do you know all the escape routes in all the places you visit? Costco, Walmart, Sams, BJs, Walgreens, etc

I’m one of the fortunate people in that I’ve been able to go through different through a few active shooter drills. Do you know how to prevent an outward opening door from being opened? What tools of defense does almost every building have?

There’s been some discussion around here about placing fire escape ladders or slides in schools, businesses, hotels, and hospitals. Basically any building with two or more stories.

We had two active shooter incidents here in April, one at the local hospital, shooter was taken out before anyone was shot and one at a local hotel during the national meeting of a youth organization, shooter never found no injuries. Both of these happened within a week of one another. The hotel shooting they thought was a dry run to observe police response. The hospital was a disgruntled patient.

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I love the idea of putting the inflatable slides at the windows, @BrophE. The high school I went to (I won’t say how long ago) had windows that didn’t open and were only 9 inches wide. Most people wouldn’t be able to escape out of them even if there were slides at the windows. :frowning: Granted, that was a while ago. I’d have to go check out their windows now. My kids’ high schools could have used the slides though!

Not to take away from the seriousness of the subject, but OMG I hope those slides are crazy expensive, because I am getting some for the house if they aren’t.

We practice Active Shooter drills at home and I am getting the instructional packet for our church safety ministry to start the safety team practicing as well. We also are lucky to be able to practice in conjunction with our local PD who comes in and trains businesses, churches, and schools for Active shooters.

It looks like their custom and cost upwards of $300 each… If you get them, let us know and we’ll all come to your house to check it out!

That isn’t expensive enough to be cost prohibitive most of the time, but my twins just completed their freshman year of college and have 3 more years each so, we’ll have to have everyone over summer of 2022 to slide, er, I mean, practice Active Shooter drills. :slight_smile:

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Sounds like our twins are the same age! Mine went into the trades instead of college. Were yours born in 2000?

@Dawn you’re but a mere child, we had a huge gang problem where I went to school so we were always on lockdown. In fact, my HS just made the papers again because of violence. Almost 40 years and nothing has changed.

Good to know I’m not the only one who thought SLIDE! I wanna do it!


@Dawn I’m saving my pennies for the $40,000 simulator.


Right?! I’m sure their marketing department weighed in on the design!

End of 1999 so our sets are close!

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Make sure proper identification is presented before letting the person in a public building.