Accidentally Forgotten About Ammo?

I lost a 7 rnd. mag of Hornaday Critical Defense 9mm in late October last year, I looked for it off and on all winter. It fell out of my back pocket when I was trimming shrubs.
In April this year I was raking leaves and uncovered the mag. It was rusted and dirty after 6 months in the weather. I cleaned the dirt and rust off and found the bullets to be visually OK (no corrosion on the casings) and the mag was OK on the inside but had some deeper rust on the outside. I scrubbed the mag clean and reassembled it.
I took the mag to the range and it worked OK but I tried to fire the bullets one at a time just to see but all of the primers were dead so I disposed of them in the dud bin.


I had one round that when I unloaded my carry gun to take in the range that went missing but zi found it under the seat in my car a couple of days ago .

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I discovered a plastic baggie of 15 rounds of ,38 reloads in my desk drawer.
Why just 15 rounds, I’ve no idea.
With a scarcity of ammo around here, I’m grateful to have some extra range loads :grin:


I had the opposite.

I was going to bring the wife’s LCR 357 EDC from her purse, to one of my classes for show and tell.
Upon opening the cylinder, it only had 3 rounds in it. Two missing out of the cylinder!!!

When I asked her what happened to the two missing rounds (no spent casings or anything, just gone) she asked “what’s a cylinder”?